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Android And IOS Apps To Help You During Emergency Situations

Mobile phone apps are no more the ‘calculators’ and ‘snake games’ it used to be years ago. They are now more advanced and more productive. A smartphone is nothing without all its variety applications. Today, a smartphone user is heavily

How to Use Video Advertising Effectively – Guide for Small Business Marketing

What comes into your mind when you hear words like “video advertising”? Most people would say that those are the videos you see on the internet. Well, that’s actually right. However, when we look into the real definition of video

Top Internet Security Suites

The Internet is an interconnection of computer networks that is linked with millions of public, business, government, and private networks. All these networks are identified using the Internet Protocol addresses and are linked using various electronic and networking technologies. Internet

Guest Posting Etiquette – Some Must Follow Tips

Guest blogging is picking up buzz. Mainly because guest posting is best way of link building and provides instant result. However, as in every process some etiquette should be followed. This post deals with etiquettes that are required in guest

Common SEO Mistakes That Can Make Your Website ‘DEAD’

Effective Search Engine Optimization definitely helps in finding your website. While there are certain guidelines, if followed can help your website rank high among the top websites in the search engine and also gives an outstanding rank ahead of all

Tips For Handling Flamers And Trolls

It can be said that almost all bloggers have come across flamers and trolls at some point of time. Flaming and trolling are small forms of social media firestorms. The difference is there won’t be so many people involved as

Facebook Will Rotate Ads On Static Pages

Most people have grown accustomed to the ads on the right side within your Facebook newsfeed. You may have also noticed that instead of the same ad shown after a period of time the static ad will rotate while you

Social Media and Insurance: Are You Sharing Too Much?

Modern use of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter often entail divulging a great deal of personal information to the world at large and many of us have experienced firsthand the trouble that can be caused when the wrong