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Top Five Things To Do With Your New iPhone

Getting a new iPhone is an incredibly exciting time and one that will have you buzzing with anticipation as you wait for it to charge so you can start trying out all the features. Here’s a tip from me –

Reasons Why Social Media Cannot be Ignored

If you are not into social media, you are missing something. No one will deny that social media can make or break your business. In a fast-paced world, you have to be in tune with the way the world is

Cat Fight is Better- Google and Apple Fight Just Raises Babble

The altercate which is boiling every day to a new temperature between Google and Apple. The total chaos is just to decide who the most superior power in the mobile market is? The fight has been named as “defining fight”

4 Ways A Blogger Can Use Affiliate Program Statistics To Increase Revenue From Their Blogs

The vast majority of bloggers these days host ads on their site to ensure that they get at least some revenue from it. However, most of them have no idea how to optimize these to ensure that they maximize their

Is Facebook Prepared To Compete With Google Adsense?

Despite their constant denials, all signs indicate that Facebook is on the verge of launching their own display ad network to compete with Google.  Back in May, they quietly changed their terms of service to permit the showing targeted ads

How To Build Free Links To Your Blog

Here is a few ways that you can get free links to your blog without resorting to black hat SEO. Some of them are a little underhand, but you have to remember that even if YOU are not using those

Video Marketing : Your Business Going Viral

Expanding your personal business in a world that is growing smaller and smaller by the day thanks to technology can either be easy or hard, depending on how you look at it. On one side, the multitude of free and

4 Marketing Tips for Targeting Women via Social Networks

Social networks have become so popular these days, which the online marketing techniques had to redesign the whole concept around these aspects. There are many tips and tricks to use the social networks when it comes to reaching a targeted

3 Online Branding Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Branding properly can build your business at an alarming pace. You can gain your target market’s trust, improve your visibility and increase sales quite quickly if you brand yourself effectively. Unfortunately, many people take all the wrong steps during the

How Should Niche Businesses Use Social Media to Best Effect?

This article gives suggestions and best practice tips to niche businesses around capitalising on the potential of social media. Time to Socialise The big mistake that many smaller niche businesses make is to forsake social media platforms completely. There is

Is Your Brand Like-Worthy-Ways to Drive Engagement on Facebook

The results of a study released in January of 2012 by the Australian think tank Ehrenberg-Bass Institute say that less than 1 percent of the people who “like” a brand actually engage with it. When it comes down to it,

Windows 8: How to Create A Virtual Machine

What is a Virtual Machine VM? In the computing environment VM is defined as a software tool or an instrument allowing a user to install and run an Operating System (OS) or a computer program. It is because of the

Agency Life: Balancing Client Expectations

Do you tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to your clients and prospective clients? There are many reasons to be transparent, but there seem to be a number of people in the industry who tell