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How Social Media is Changing Customer Service [Infographic]

Everyone loves social media—even customers. And customers are turning to social media more so than ever before to voice their feedback on the companies they do business with and make purchases from. Nearly 18 million consumers (17.8 million) say they’re

Necessity Of Google + Page For Every Business

Despite a sluggish start, Google+ has risen to claim its place as the second-most popular social network in the world. As of December 2012, the social network has 500 million users. While Circles and Hangouts might have confused or intimidated

How To Use The Twitter Vine Video App For Your Online Business

This is probably one of the most overused-but-true sayings in the realm of marketing, whether it is within social media circles or any other kind, is the fact that “words tell but tales sell”.  I am sure that you’ve all

10 Ways to Measure Your Social Media Influence

Social media is one of the biggest topics in SEO today, in part because it actually influences how and where you turn up in search, but also because it determines your number of fans or followers. Measuring your social media

Facebook Failures Anger Users and Investors [Infographic]

Do you have a love hate relationship with Facebook? You aren’t alone. Whether you find that your privacy settings have been unexpectedly changed or whether you are irritated with a new interface, you

Optimization Tips for your LinkedIn Profile Page

LinkedIn is one of the best Social Networking Site (SNS) for professionals. This networking website has more than 200 million registered users from more than 200 countries across the world. This website helps its users build their network of contacts.

Facebook’s Graph Search: Does It Matter to Us?

Facebook introduced Graph Search to enable its users to view all shared content including images, tags, videos, comments, and much more. Graph feature produces all results, which are relevant to keywords or respective inputs given by users. Today, we will

Top 5 Health & Safety IPhone Apps

For some managers and supervisors, hearing the phrase ‘health & safety’ being muttered in the office is enough to trigger a cold sweat. The dreaded words conjure up visions of annoying rules, long-winded regulations and lots of paperwork. However, health

Want to Beat Google Panda Update? 5 Mistakes to Avoid

When Google Panda was rolled out, most bloggers and website administrators were necessitated to constantly update their sites in a bid to retain or achieve higher search engine rankings. On the other hand, those who were severely hit by these

Facebook Launches New Search Tool

Since the advent of the ‘Social Networking’ site, Facebook (FB), staying ‘in touch’ with loved ones has become ‘unbelievably’ easier. It allows one to post text messages, photos, videos…anything. You can share information with the general public, or send private