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Google Opens Up Its Universal Analytics Beta To All Google Analytics Users

Nowadays, people use a number of platforms to surf the web, and this variation in platform use make it a challenge for businesses and website owners to keep track of their site’s performance and interact with consumers. In an effort

CEOs with Twitter Klout [Infographic]

Social media is such a widely used promotional tool these days that even the Kardashian sisters are contractually obligated to make a certain amount of tweets. It’s likely that social media-using business leaders far outnumber celebrities – mostly because there

6 Awesome Tips For Split Testing

In marketing and web development, split testing is a web design experimental approach aiming to find web page changes that maximize outcomes. You basically compare versions of your website pages; for example, you can compare two versions of your web

Social Media Advice For Jobseekers

As many people can attest to, networking is one of the best ways to find a new job. People will often say, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and while the first part of that statement might

Blogging For Health And Happiness

Blogging Blogging was once thought to be a flash in the pan, a fad that would die the way MySpace has. But blogs have endured, they have grown. It seems like everyone has a blog or at least has had

Android Call Spy: Beware of Your Girlfriend

Android smartphones are amazing—they must be if they own majority of the market share.  And there is no reason not to own one. You can play a variety of amazing games, you can download all sorts of apps from over

Power Tips For Google AdWords

So you’re ready to give Google AdWords a try and drive some much needed potential customers to your online store. Super! The sponsored links that show up next to Google’s search results can be an efficient and cost-effective way to

Top 10 Most Creative And Unique Flash Websites Of 2013

Finding a poorly-made Flash website is still too easy to do in 2013. Thankfully, examples of a well-implemented, thoughtfully-designed Flash website are out there. These Flash websites show off both the capabilities of Flash and what developers, such as those

SEO Tactics For The Post-Penguin/Panda Internet

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a field of internet marketing that’s constantly in a state of flux thanks to Google’s massive influence over the entire Internet. On more than one occasion, Google has rolled out algorithm updates that punish SEO

Mailbox Email Client App for iOS – Review

The Mailbox email client app can be described as a fast, fun and convenient way to manage emails on your Apple device. This is one of the best user-friendly apps for email. More information about this app App name: Mailbox

Is It Actually Possible To Stop People Copying Your Website Content?

One of the main concerns that anyone who builds a website has is that someone will steal their content. This worry of course leads to the question as to whether or not it is actually possible to stop people from

Viber App for Android Updated with New Features

The Viber app has always been a great hit with users because it allows users on any network to send messages and make calls, completely free of cost. As long as you have the application installed and have a WiFi