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Tips on How to Use your Yelp Profile as a Marketing Tool

Yelp allows business owners to respond to the reviews that are posted on their profiles either in a private manner to apologize to the consumer or post a public post to correct any misinformation. This should be highly used because

Blogsy for iPad: How Helpful Is It?

Have you recently bought the new iPad from Apple? The new iPad has a new voice dictation feature which will be a big help to all bloggers out there. How so? If you’re a blogger, you’d know the whole process

The Difference Between Penguin And An Unnatural Links Penalty

Before we get to define the difference between penguin and an unnatural links penalty, we will briefly describe the Penguin and the Unnatural Link Penalties in this context. Penguin Penalty In an effort to reward high sites with high quality

Test And Improve Performance Of Your Ecommerce Site With These Tools

Building an ecommerce site is an easy thing, but maintaining its performance requires herculean efforts. You constantly need to test its performance so that you make necessary changes and keep on right track always. There are dozens of tools available

The Samsung Galaxy’s Evolution

The SmartPhone was probably not the invention of Apple, since numerous phones and handheld devices had done a lot of the things the iPhone does in the past. But, Apple were the ones that got it right. The build, the

What To Expect From Twitter’s Acquisition

From the latest Korg news to Twitter, TwitterMusic is on the cards, but what can we expect from it? Social Media giant Twitter bought “We Are Hunted”, a music discovery software service, last year for an undisclosed amount. Founded in

Top 5 Free IPhone Apps You Can’t Live Without

With thousands of iPhone apps on the market how do you even begin your search for that perfect app? We’ve all heard “there’s an App for that,” however there are only a handful of crucial ones that we absolutely cannot

How Google+ Makes an Impact on Search Engine Optimization

Google+ is actually one of quite a few of Google’s attempts to break into the social media circuit. After a few failed attempts, they have finally found a winner. It stands no chance of competing with Facebook (at least not

Marketing and Internet Professionals Express Their Concerns on Facebook Home

A marketing professional had expressed his concern regarding Facebook’s (FB) new Home software; a program for the home screens of android cell phones. This act is contrary to popular belief that marketers often employ pervasive techniques to entice probable clients.

How To Use Infographics As A Useful SEO Tool

Infographics are the latest craze in the SEO community. They are a platform where you can demonstrate plenty of information through a graphic form. This means that they are an engaging way to communicate with your audience and ensure they

Social Media Ways To STOP Drunk Driving

Is social media an effective tool that can be used in preventing instances of drunken driving amongst young adults? DUI statistics in Orange County, CA is quite alarming especially amongst young adults aged between 21 and 34. In a study

Why Reactive IT Security Practices Don’t Work Anymore

Just a few years ago, computer security revolved around discovering attacks after your system had already been breached and taking steps to remove malware and viruses—hoping that they haven’t already caused devastating damage. Getting a virus was a pretty common

Why You Should Have A Google+ Profile

Google+ is growing everyday as more and more people hear and sign up for the social networking site. There have been predictions and observers who say that if Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ launched at the same time, Google+ would be

3 Things That Will Make You Reign E-Commerce Industry

Just imagine what if customers stop coming at your ever-buzzing prime location shop. Your face may sweat just with the thought of disappearance of customers from your physical store. However, you should be ready for facing a disastrous decline in