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Instagram Tips To Getting More Followers

Are you looking to get more followers to your Instagram account? You’re certainly not alone as it seems like a large majority of the people who use this site/tool want to be able to boast large follower numbers. The problem

5 Landing Page Mistakes That Crush Conversion Rates

Every website uses landing pages to send traffic to for a conversion whether it be an opt-in page for an email, a sales page, a content landing page, or a video landing page.  As you may have guessed, there are

The Irony of Instagram

Do you still remember the feel of using an old camera? Do you remember the mechanical click of the button and the faint jolt as the shutter flashed open? Do you remember pulling the lever to bring the next piece

6 Reasons Why Infographics Are A Useful Marketing Tool

Living in the internet age means that we are bombarded with information. These pieces of information are shared from one place to another; thus, reaching more people in a short time. In fact, about 140 million tweets and 2 million

Best Ways to Make a Mobile Compatible Drupal Website

Drupal is a website building tool that you can use in order make your own website. It is called a CMS (Content Management System) and it allows people to create websites, even if they have no prior web programming knowledge.

5 Minute Guide To Facebook Ads For Local Business

In today’s cut-throat business world, it’s crucial that you have a strong internet presence for your local business. One of the best ways of increasing your business’ overall performance is to become involved in social media by making use of

Which Mobile Devices Are The Best For A Banner Ad?

As more and more people use smartphones and tablets, it makes more and more sense to have advertising geared towards smartphone and tablet users. That’s where mobile banner ads come in. Having advertisements that show up on apps and when

Twitter Launches Keyword Targeting: Can Marketers Cash In?

It took a while, but Twitter has been regularly improving its ad platform since first rolling out advertising solutions back in 2010. The latest ad enhancement looks to present marketers with some of the most attractive opportunities they’ve had yet.

HTC Windows Phone 8S Review – The Definitive Buyers Guide

Windows smart phone lovers rejoiced about the release of this quick and stylish new device! The HTC Windows Phone 8S was first revealed by the HTC Corporation in September 2012 and was released just one month later. Those of you

Why The New LinkedIn App Matters to Mobile Professionals

The social channel is growing rapidly, and the increase in mobile activity has a lot to do with that growth. Professional social network LinkedIn now has a mobile presence that spans the globe. To accommodate that global audience, the company

5 Of The Best Free Diet Apps For Android

Thanks to the power and versatility of modern smartphones, they can help out with many aspects of your everyday life. That includes monitoring your diet, so whether you want to lose a few pounds before your holiday or are looking

Paid Per Click Essential Guide For ECommerce Sites

Pay per click advertising allows people to drive instant traffic to their website, which is why it is a great source of traffic for ecommerce websites. With a bit of in-depth keyword research, an ecommerce business can start driving highly

The 5 Important Rules To Successfully Build Strong Presence On YouTube

YouTube is the biggest video sharing website on the internet and many people are accessing YouTube every day just to watch some interesting videos to cure their boredom, or curiosity. You can use YouTube to your advantage. You can create

Best 5 Android Apps For Holiday Travel

Android Travel Apps It does not matter whether you have made preparations or done your homework in arranging your upcoming holiday or not, it is imperative that you take into account all the necessary precautions to ensure that you avoid