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Google Issues Last Reminder To Upgrade To Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Google’s adwords enhanced campaigns are set to launch on the 22nd of June 13 according to Google’s ‘Last reminder’ email. Google have made the bold move to change the way in which adwords works and has worked for a long

Is Facebook Losing Its Online Marketing Glory?

The 2013 Social Media Industry Report revealed some interesting statistics pertinent to social media and online marketing. The survey was carried out across a sample group of 3000 marketers, focusing specifically on real estate marketing. One intriguing statistic that emerged

A Basic Guide To Writing Great PPC Ads

One of the biggest challenges of PPC marketing is writing ad copy that sells. With most formats of PPC ads, you have just a few words to get your message across, and in that limited space you have to explain

Pros and Cons of Saving All of Your Info Online

“Cloud computing” is an IT term for storing information online as opposed to locally on a computer’s hard drive. “The cloud” refers to the Internet.  Storing information on the web is not a new phenomenon. For example, many people already

Google I/O 2013 Highlights: All You Need to Know

Google I/O, Google’s much anticipated 3-day yearly event wrapped up with some pretty exciting announcements.  The three-and-a-half soiree brought together 6,000 developers at the Moscone Center in San Francisco where CEO Larry Page spent time updating attendees on the latest

Google’s $22.55 Million Penalty

Google has made a lot of headlines recently; first in a positive light for introducing Vanity URL’s, and now in a somewhat negative light for having to pay a penalty to the Federal Trade Commission for violating the privacy rules

Apple – Bigger Than Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft

It’s no secret that Apple is currently considered to be one of the largest and most well-known companies in the world. They are also one of the most valuable, which won’t come to anyone’s surprize, given their tremendous growth over

3 Free IPhone Apps To Use On A Rainy Day

The transition between spring and summer can get a bit rough. It’s like Mother Nature is mad at itself for not staying in spring. Well mother nature we are mad too! With all these storms, we are forced to chill

Social Media Updates You Need To Know About

Google+ Redesign and features Google announced a massive from-the-ground-up redesign of Google+ at its annual I/O developer’s conference in San Francisco this year, and there were a lot of changes. In fact, the update includes the addition of 41 new

Advanced Google+ Features – What You Can’t Find On Other Networks

With Google+ establishing itself as one of the major social networks, marketers are now finding themselves juggling a handful of social platforms in order to establish a business or brand presence online. However, with Twitter and Facebook cementing their place

6 Free Android Apps To Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

Apps are appliances made for devices based on android OS to expand the utility of the devices. As a manager for social media who is at all times on-the-run, you can be sure to depend on these important apps to