Monthly Archives: July 2013

Using YouTube’s Privacy Settings

Not everyone who is one YouTube wants to have millions of viewers or even want to have their videos shared on the internet.  It is not the dream of all people for their videos to go viral, they just want

5 Tips To Effectively Optimize Your Google + Places Listing

A good Google Places listing can help you get easy traffic to your site. If you are wondering why optimizing your Google+ Places is important, then the answer is simple. Approximately a third of every search is based on location

Enjoy Free Calls with KNCTR App

Internet phone calling has now become highly popular among people. Earlier, making an international or overseas call was particularly expensive. Now, there are a number of different software available in the market to solve the issue of spending huge sum

Why I’m Supporting Bing From Now On

Recently I made the risky decision to start supporting Bing over Google as the search engine that I search with and the search engine that I rank for. It’s a controversial move, and one that I’m sure not

Great Ways To Register Your Brand On Twitter

With all the companies that are now taking advantage of the online sector, it is vital for any business to be fully branded and trademarked when possible.  Those who already hold trademarks may find that they trademark they paid for

The Secret To Creating Awesome Facebook Fans With Chat Tools

Considering the rate at which businesses are raising today, competition for number of customers and their consequent loyalty is something that needs to be set as a goal in every entrepreneur’s mind. In recent times, a lot of initiatives aimed

Is Instagram A Communication Medium For Your Office To Consider ?

Since 2008, we have seen an exponential growth in social media platforms. So much effort today is being redirected into mediums that only years ago, were never even considered.  Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and Instagram are mobile and online applications that

Google+ Hangouts: The New Frontier For Business

Feeling too much like a jetsetter and not a lawyer? Conducting business in this fast-paced world can be exhausting now that we’re connected with professionals all over the country. But sometimes, flying from state to state just to meet with