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Advantages of using Web Based POS

POS systems have been around for many years, and they help millions of businesses every day with processing transactions, keeping track of tables in restaurants, keeping up with inventory, generating reports, and so much more. POS systems have always been

How To Optimize Video For Top Search Engine Rankings

In these contemporary times, many businesses are making use of the internet to market their goods and products. Additionally, individuals who want to exchange ideas with others are also appropriating the web in order to do so. This reality is

How To Advertise With Yellow Pages Online

If you own a business, you are well aware of how crucial effective advertising is for the success of your company.  ‘Tell them, and they will come’ just about sums it up—tell the public who you are, what you do,

Five of the Best Tracking Apps for Your iPhone

People will go to a lot of lengths to protect their iPhones these days, and who can blame them? As costly as a new iPhone can be, people are often seen buying expensive cases, screen protectors (to keep dirt off

Twitter Welcomes Six New Partners to Ads API Program

Advertising on Twitter just keeps better and better. At least that’s what the social giant would prefer us to believe. The effectiveness of the advertising solutions on any given platform is subjective, but with the improvements that have been made

Increase Page Views and Fans with Facebook Recommendation Bar & Lightbox Pop-up Plugin

There is no doubt about the fact that social networking today has a huge impact on the way the popularity of a site can be improved. Different businesses are trying their hands at Facebook trying to increase web traffic. This

The Role Played By Long Tail Keywords In SEO Strategy

If you’re running your own business or website, you’ll know that trying to keep up with all of the latest developments in the world of search engine optimization is pretty much a full time job, with the information that you

Does Instagram Help SEO?

One problem business owners go through is having so much to do that they let things like social media marketing go in lieu of other more important tasks. This is a huge problem because they are missing out on a great

How to Prepare For Creating a Social Media Strategy

If you are at all interested in social media and hope to be able to run your own campaigns, you have to realise that social media is changing all the time. This means that being up to speed is not

Adobe Premier CS6 Hot Keys [Infographic]

“Adobe Premiere Creative Suite 6 now supports Mac OS X! This is great news for all the Mac users who are looking to take advantage of Adobe’s CS6 features like setting up and managing workflows

Adding File Encryption to Your Network Security Program

Does your network security program have a file encryption component? It should! Your employees regularly work with sensitive information; however, they may not be aware of how to protect that information. In this day and age of technology, companies can

Want To Succeed With SEO In A Post-Panda World? 5 Tips To Follow

Google’s Panda algorithm update has had a significant – and negative – impact on websites from one end of the internet to the other, and many site administrators and online marketers are struggling to find out why Panda doesn’t like

Micro Niche Sites Vs Authority Sites – Pros & Cons For Each

If you are a blogger or an Internet marketer then you are always in a dilemma whether you build micro niche sites or an authority site. When I started blogging, it was really hard to figure out which one of

Why Promoted Posts Are Better Than Facebook Ads On Facebook

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that promoted posts on Facebook are better than Facebook ads that appear on Facebook. There are a lot of pros and cons to both forms of advertising, yet promoted posts come out