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Secrets That’ll Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook statistics

Social media marketing is a fundamental component in the digital marketing world. There are many social media platforms that are used nowadays for brand promotion. It is because almost every user has access to social media through the internet. A

What You Need To Know About Facebook’s Open Source Data Center Hardware

Facebook open source data center hardware

With so many contributions to the world of technology, companies of all sizes had to experiment to find the most efficient ways of achieving their goals. Open Source Software (OSS) allows people to look at what others have done to see

Will Facebook Go The Way of Myspace?

Photo credits: egg (Hong, Yun Seon) Remember MySpace? At one point in time it was THE place to be. Now, however, the site is pretty much dead. By knowing what killed it slowly but surely everyday until the mass exodus

Increase Page Views and Fans with Facebook Recommendation Bar & Lightbox Pop-up Plugin

There is no doubt about the fact that social networking today has a huge impact on the way the popularity of a site can be improved. Different businesses are trying their hands at Facebook trying to increase web traffic. This

Why Promoted Posts Are Better Than Facebook Ads On Facebook

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that promoted posts on Facebook are better than Facebook ads that appear on Facebook. There are a lot of pros and cons to both forms of advertising, yet promoted posts come out

The Secret To Creating Awesome Facebook Fans With Chat Tools

Considering the rate at which businesses are raising today, competition for number of customers and their consequent loyalty is something that needs to be set as a goal in every entrepreneur’s mind. In recent times, a lot of initiatives aimed

Is Facebook Losing Its Online Marketing Glory?

The 2013 Social Media Industry Report revealed some interesting statistics pertinent to social media and online marketing. The survey was carried out across a sample group of 3000 marketers, focusing specifically on real estate marketing. One intriguing statistic that emerged

5 Minute Guide To Facebook Ads For Local Business

In today’s cut-throat business world, it’s crucial that you have a strong internet presence for your local business. One of the best ways of increasing your business’ overall performance is to become involved in social media by making use of

Marketing and Internet Professionals Express Their Concerns on Facebook Home

A marketing professional had expressed his concern regarding Facebook’s (FB) new Home software; a program for the home screens of android cell phones. This act is contrary to popular belief that marketers often employ pervasive techniques to entice probable clients.

Facebook Failures Anger Users and Investors [Infographic]

Do you have a love hate relationship with Facebook? You aren’t alone. Whether you find that your privacy settings have been unexpectedly changed or whether you are irritated with a new interface, you

Facebook’s Graph Search: Does It Matter to Us?

Facebook introduced Graph Search to enable its users to view all shared content including images, tags, videos, comments, and much more. Graph feature produces all results, which are relevant to keywords or respective inputs given by users. Today, we will

Facebook Launches New Search Tool

Since the advent of the ‘Social Networking’ site, Facebook (FB), staying ‘in touch’ with loved ones has become ‘unbelievably’ easier. It allows one to post text messages, photos, videos…anything. You can share information with the general public, or send private

Facebook and Bing’s Relationship: What Does It Mean to Google?

No doubt, Google has been considered the most useful and prominent search engine being ever used, however, rapid announcements of Facebook related to its search feature, and its mutual partnership with Bing have been confusing it a lot. Many experts

How to Enhance Your Brand’s Reach on Facebook

Facebook is the most influential name in the social networking world. Despite new social networks popping up every other day and facing stiff competition, Facebook remains popular among users. There are million active users on this network every month. It