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Top 8 Diagram and Flowchart Tools that Run on Windows

flowchart diagram

Most of us have been introduced to a variety of flowcharts and diagrams during our school days. However, the use of flowchart and diagrams get really complicated when you enter the professional field. If you’re a software developer, you know

How To Know If Your Website is Hacked and What To Do ?

is website hacked cwatch

You may have words like “Viagra,” “Cialis,” and “Propecia” everywhere on your site. Your website may look like a drug store, but even if that is the case you may probably won’t be wanting your website to show it on

How Safe Is Your Information On Social Media ? [Infographic]

comparing social media security

According to the Pew Research Center, the majority of Americans have lost faith in the ability of institutions — specifically social media websites — to protect their information and keep it safe. Their fears aren’t unfounded; in 2017 alone, a

Adding File Encryption to Your Network Security Program

Does your network security program have a file encryption component? It should! Your employees regularly work with sensitive information; however, they may not be aware of how to protect that information. In this day and age of technology, companies can

Why Reactive IT Security Practices Don’t Work Anymore

Just a few years ago, computer security revolved around discovering attacks after your system had already been breached and taking steps to remove malware and viruses—hoping that they haven’t already caused devastating damage. Getting a virus was a pretty common

Top Internet Security Suites

The Internet is an interconnection of computer networks that is linked with millions of public, business, government, and private networks. All these networks are identified using the Internet Protocol addresses and are linked using various electronic and networking technologies. Internet