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How Can Voice-First Technology Alexa Help Marketers Reach Customers?

alexa echo dot

Almost all of us are using technology in the form of digital assistants, and they are becoming a part of our lives. Some of them are Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Homepod, Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant, Xiaoice, Samsung’s Bixby, and many more.

5 Ways That Artificial Intelligence Can Propel Your Business Forward

American online shoppers from 2016 to 2021 from Statista

Did you know that more than 90,000 websites are hacked daily? That’s alarming when you consider that in 2019, 224.1 million Americans consider themselves online shoppers. Are you taking the right technical measures to ensure the safety and security of

5G: Future Aspect of Wireless Technology

5G technology

The most common problem of every cellular network is concerned with speed of the network. There are many reasons behind lesser speed of data transmission in cellular networks. When 4G network technology entered in the technical environment it completely changed

Photo Booths – An Extension of Our Alluring Internet Lives

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Photo booths for events are creative, easy-to-use and fun, it is a perfect go-to social media marketing strategy for brands as well as those hosting lavish parties. This interactive technology solution converts the attendees to brand influencers by flooding it