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Magento Customer Segmentation for Proactive Online Store Management

In this tough competition, it is not a sensible approach to implement the same tactics for your all kind of the customers assuming that everyone will be interested in buying what you are selling. One-size-fits-all technique is obsolete now. To

Top 10 Responsive Business Website Email Templates

responsive email template1

When it comes to marketing and business promotion, email is still considered as one of the most potential and far-reaching methods. Every netizen invariably digs into the email inbox every day. With the emergence of smartphones, emails are accessed by

Best Ways to Make a Mobile Compatible Drupal Website

Drupal is a website building tool that you can use in order make your own website. It is called a CMS (Content Management System) and it allows people to create websites, even if they have no prior web programming knowledge.

Test And Improve Performance Of Your Ecommerce Site With These Tools

Building an ecommerce site is an easy thing, but maintaining its performance requires herculean efforts. You constantly need to test its performance so that you make necessary changes and keep on right track always. There are dozens of tools available

3 Things That Will Make You Reign E-Commerce Industry

Just imagine what if customers stop coming at your ever-buzzing prime location shop. Your face may sweat just with the thought of disappearance of customers from your physical store. However, you should be ready for facing a disastrous decline in

Top 10 Most Creative And Unique Flash Websites Of 2013

Finding a poorly-made Flash website is still too easy to do in 2013. Thankfully, examples of a well-implemented, thoughtfully-designed Flash website are out there. These Flash websites show off both the capabilities of Flash and what developers, such as those