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Using YouTube’s Privacy Settings

Not everyone who is one YouTube wants to have millions of viewers or even want to have their videos shared on the internet.  It is not the dream of all people for their videos to go viral, they just want

The 5 Important Rules To Successfully Build Strong Presence On YouTube

YouTube is the biggest video sharing website on the internet and many people are accessing YouTube every day just to watch some interesting videos to cure their boredom, or curiosity. You can use YouTube to your advantage. You can create

Why Does YouTube Matter For Marketers?

Why Does YouTube Matter For Marketers?  It’s simple. It’s popular, it’s widespread, it’s a telecommunication phenomenon, and it’s one of the many ways you can make use of the mind-blowing invention known as the Internet. In fact, the concept of

Vimeo Versus YouTube: Battle for The ‘Best Video Marketing Website’

As the saying goes, ‘A picture is more effective than 1000 words’; video marketing is the watch word these days. Marketers are focusing more on video content with the advent of websites like YouTube, Vimeo and other video marketing websites.

YouTube Launches InVideo Programming

YouTube has launched another cool feature. There have been some pretty interesting updates from YouTube recently and the latest on the list is InVideo Programming. You needn’t write any program codes to use this feature. It is yet another way