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Social Media vs Job Descriptions – What Employees are Doing at Work [Infographic]

In a recent survey of employees about social media some interesting facts were discovered. It turns out, as you may have wondered, most employers don’t have policy regarding how social media can be

Facebook vs Television: Which is Worse? [Infographic]

Before the Internet was as popular as it is today, the television was universally viewed as a medium for wasting time and rotting one’s brain. The Internet, however, has caused many people to spend less

Is Facebook Prepared To Compete With Google Adsense?

Despite their constant denials, all signs indicate that Facebook is on the verge of launching their own display ad network to compete with Google.  Back in May, they quietly changed their terms of service to permit the showing targeted ads

How to Make Your Company More Social

Social networks are flooded with potential customers. Therefore, today’s companies need to foster a socially engaged culture within company walls. A business becomes more inherently social by going beyond the corporate Twitter account and Facebook Page. A social business engages