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The New AdWords Report Fuses SEO and PPC

The amazing new report of AdWords allows online marketers to optimize and analyze organic as well as paid search traffic in AdWords itself. This is extracted through Webmaster tools and populated in your AdWords account so that you do not

Google Issues Last Reminder To Upgrade To Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Google’s adwords enhanced campaigns are set to launch on the 22nd of June 13 according to Google’s ‘Last reminder’ email. Google have made the bold move to change the way in which adwords works and has worked for a long

A Basic Guide To Writing Great PPC Ads

One of the biggest challenges of PPC marketing is writing ad copy that sells. With most formats of PPC ads, you have just a few words to get your message across, and in that limited space you have to explain

Power Tips For Google AdWords

So you’re ready to give Google AdWords a try and drive some much needed potential customers to your online store. Super! The sponsored links that show up next to Google’s search results can be an efficient and cost-effective way to

The Beginner’s Guide to Google AdWords

Exposure is crucial to creating a business. There’re many ways to do it, from organic search and content marketing to social and affiliate marketing. However, one often overlooked tool for increasing exposure is paid search. It can be intimidating to