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How to Build A Keyword List For Your Next Successful PPC Campaign

Advertising is difficult business, stores must learn to optimize, their revenue without sounding too desperate at times. In comes Keyword usage and simple SEO hacks. However, SEO takes time and some analyst, believe it has become a rather older way

Utilizing SEO And PPC Practices To Generate Business

Today’s businesses cannot rely upon newspaper ads and television for their marketing efforts any longer. The improving technology and increasing reach of the Internet has moved the business world more and more onto a virtual stage. If you intend to

Google Issues Last Reminder To Upgrade To Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Google’s adwords enhanced campaigns are set to launch on the 22nd of June 13 according to Google’s ‘Last reminder’ email. Google have made the bold move to change the way in which adwords works and has worked for a long

A Basic Guide To Writing Great PPC Ads

One of the biggest challenges of PPC marketing is writing ad copy that sells. With most formats of PPC ads, you have just a few words to get your message across, and in that limited space you have to explain

Paid Per Click Essential Guide For ECommerce Sites

Pay per click advertising allows people to drive instant traffic to their website, which is why it is a great source of traffic for ecommerce websites. With a bit of in-depth keyword research, an ecommerce business can start driving highly