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How Google+ Makes an Impact on Search Engine Optimization

Google+ is actually one of quite a few of Google’s attempts to break into the social media circuit. After a few failed attempts, they have finally found a winner. It stands no chance of competing with Facebook (at least not

How To Use Infographics As A Useful SEO Tool

Infographics are the latest craze in the SEO community. They are a platform where you can demonstrate plenty of information through a graphic form. This means that they are an engaging way to communicate with your audience and ensure they

6 Awesome Tips For Split Testing

In marketing and web development, split testing is a web design experimental approach aiming to find web page changes that maximize outcomes. You basically compare versions of your website pages; for example, you can compare two versions of your web

SEO Tactics For The Post-Penguin/Panda Internet

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a field of internet marketing that’s constantly in a state of flux thanks to Google’s massive influence over the entire Internet. On more than one occasion, Google has rolled out algorithm updates that punish SEO

Want to Beat Google Panda Update? 5 Mistakes to Avoid

When Google Panda was rolled out, most bloggers and website administrators were necessitated to constantly update their sites in a bid to retain or achieve higher search engine rankings. On the other hand, those who were severely hit by these

SEO Tips for Yahoo Search Engine

In this time and age, everyone relies upon the Internet, to furnish them with in-depth information, on various topics. Now, before making an investment, consumers run a search on the company and its products/wares, to help ‘make-up-their-minds’. However, if a

Using an RSS Feed to Monitor Your Industry

When it comes to monitoring popular information about your brand or your industry, some companies turn to the most popular elements including Google Alerts, Review Trackers or Radian6. What most people fail to realize is that there’s another way to

Santa Claus Is Teaching You 3 Ways Of Doing SEO On A Tight Budget!

It is often said that if you want to ensure that you get the best returns from your site, you will need to do some SEO on it. Ever since the concept of online commerce was conceptualized and the use

How To Build Free Links To Your Blog

Here is a few ways that you can get free links to your blog without resorting to black hat SEO. Some of them are a little underhand, but you have to remember that even if YOU are not using those

Agency Life: Balancing Client Expectations

Do you tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to your clients and prospective clients? There are many reasons to be transparent, but there seem to be a number of people in the industry who tell

Common SEO Mistakes That Can Make Your Website ‘DEAD’

Effective Search Engine Optimization definitely helps in finding your website. While there are certain guidelines, if followed can help your website rank high among the top websites in the search engine and also gives an outstanding rank ahead of all