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Which Mobile Devices Are The Best For A Banner Ad?

As more and more people use smartphones and tablets, it makes more and more sense to have advertising geared towards smartphone and tablet users. That’s where mobile banner ads come in. Having advertisements that show up on apps and when

HTC Windows Phone 8S Review – The Definitive Buyers Guide

Windows smart phone lovers rejoiced about the release of this quick and stylish new device! The HTC Windows Phone 8S was first revealed by the HTC Corporation in September 2012 and was released just one month later. Those of you

5 Of The Best Free Diet Apps For Android

Thanks to the power and versatility of modern smartphones, they can help out with many aspects of your everyday life. That includes monitoring your diet, so whether you want to lose a few pounds before your holiday or are looking

Top 5 Free IPhone Apps You Can’t Live Without

With thousands of iPhone apps on the market how do you even begin your search for that perfect app? We’ve all heard “there’s an App for that,” however there are only a handful of crucial ones that we absolutely cannot

Android Call Spy: Beware of Your Girlfriend

Android smartphones are amazing—they must be if they own majority of the market share.  And there is no reason not to own one. You can play a variety of amazing games, you can download all sorts of apps from over

Samsung’s New App Market

Since Samsung is now in position to dominate the smart phone market, it made sense for the company to start its own applications market where applications are optimized for Samsung mobile phones and tablets.  While Samsung may not control the

Carriers Reportedly Testing Blackberry 10 Devices

Competition among cell phone manufactures in the market is mammoth. With big names like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Huawei among other brands unveiling their products, no week passes without launch of a new device. Joining this rat race of