10 Popular Twitter Plug-ins for Your WordPress Blog

Those who have tried know how difficult it is to find Twitter plug-ins for WordPress. The problem is that even if you manage to find a few, they take a lot of space and don’t add enough value to your blog. In case you have been searching for some useful Twitter plug-ins, here is a list that will help you make a right choice.

1 – Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share


This plug-in comes with five different icons that you can easily add to your blog. By using this particular plug-in, it becomes possible for you to add widget from Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. People can come to your site, read your content and share it using the icons on different social media sites.

2 – IntenseDebate Comments


To make people write and comment on your content in your ‘blog comment’ section, you can make use of this particular plug-in. It is a useful plug-in for those who conduct a campaign on social media to improve the number of comments on their blog.

3 – AddThis


Yet another impressive social bookmarking widget that works perfectly with Twitter. With this plug-in, it will become easier for your readers to share content via Twitter. It allows people to bookmark your entire blog or a particular element on your page. The interesting thing is that the plug-in doesn’t restrict people to Twitter, but it allows them to share stuff on hundreds of other social media sites and bookmarking channels.

4 – BuddyPress


This plug-in makes it easy for your visitors to log into your WordPress site and then leave their comments – it also makes it easy for people to participate in different social events. As it works as a community-sharing device, it is easy to use it with Twitter. People on your blog can also use the same plug-in to connect with other members of your blog.

5 – WPtouch


This is one good way of turning your blog into a mobile-ready site – it makes it easy for people to read your posts on their mobile devices. Not only can they read your posts and check your content, they can also make comments using their mobile-ready widgets, like Twitter. It makes sharing your content via social media sites a breeze. What it means is that with the use of this particular plug-in, you can actually turn your WordPress blog into an iPhone app.

6 – Wordbooker


It works as a cross posting plug-in and allows you to post micro blog posts on your WordPress site and then cross post them using your Twitter profile. It also allows you to publish your blog post on your WordPress blog and Facebook at the same time. It saves you time and makes blogging a lot easier.

7 – Network Publisher


This is another good plug-in used for cross posting. It allows users to upload a blog along with making parts of that post appear on different social networking sites. For instance, you can change its options in a way that whenever you publish a post on your WordPress blog, the title and first few lines of that post will also go on your Twitter profile – you can also change settings to make parts of your post show on Facebook and other sites. It works automatically and makes it easier to share new posts with your audience.

8 – PodPress


You should make use of this particular plug-in if you always host Podcasts on your WordPress blog. It is possible to use this plug-in to create a feed that will tell you how many download have taken place since you have uploaded it. At the same time, it will inform social media networking sites whenever you host a new Podcast. It supports a range of video file formats, which is an added benefit.

9 – User Access Manager


You can use this plug-in to determine how different users can access your posts. With its help, you can take full control of what posts, pages, and files people could see on your WordPress blog. It also determines how people get access to the Twitter functions you have added on the blog.

10 – Social Media Widget


It’s a good plug-in developed to create a sidebar on your WordPress blog. It offers a list of social media widgets that you can select and add to the sidebar. It is also possible to use this plug-in to create links to different social media profiles and pages.

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