10 Tools to Make Your SEO Life Easier

tool for seo easier

SEO or search engine optimization can increase both the quality and quantity of website traffic. However, this process entails more than just keyword usage; it’s also about getting a clear understanding of the practice, knowing the best tools to use, and optimizing your content to remain ahead of the competition.

I’ve compiled a list of ten amazing and easy-to-use tools and tactics to better manage your digital presence.

1. Google Analytics

For testing your website’s success.
What does success mean to you? The reason why I’m asking this question is because the answer would also determine your goals for your website. The purpose of your site must align with your definition of success.

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Google Analytics can give you the answers you need. Whether you’re targeting maximum readership or a small niche, this tool can help you discover how effective your design and content decisions are. Aside from that, it’ll also provide other useful information, such as a number of visitors, new visitors, bounce rate, average time visitors spend on a page, and more.

Numbers 2 – 5 are tools that focus on keyword research. These are the necessary materials that allow you to forge a comprehensive SEO plan.

2. Google Keyword Planner

While its main purpose is for advertising, it can determine which keywords are best suited for organic targeting. It assists with SEO and offers great ideas on keywords.

3. KWFinder

To me, this tool is a stand-out because it’s easy to use. Among its many great features is “Keyword Difficulty”, which basically ranks the difficulty of a keyword based on how good the SEO is of other websites. With this tool, you can put a personalized touch on your keyword search. For instance, you can focus on your locale; your city, town, state, or county.

4. SEMrush

This one’s a relatively simple tool to use. It allows you to easily check in on the keywords that other websites are ranking for. It’ll also help you discover which keywords would rank very well on both Bing and Google.

5. Moz Keyword Explorer

You’ll find this tool incredibly helpful in identifying keywords. However, it doesn’t merely do that, it also gives unique suggestions that you won’t be able to discover elsewhere. One of its stand-out features helps you know how many clicks to expect from a keyword.
Numbers 6 – 10 is a compilation of tools that help you optimize content.

6. WP Fastest Cache

This one is considered the highest-rated free cache plug-in. I personally prefer this because it’s so easy to install and effectively improves your website’s response time.

7. Autoptimize

It’s obviously crucial to maintaining efficient page load times. You can do this with Autoptimize, which is used to minimize your website’s assets, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. You can also use a cache plugin that will reduce load times even more.

8. WP-Optimize

when you clean up the WordPress database, you can maximize efficiency. WP-Optimize can effectively remove useless data like spam contents and post revisions. It can also defragment your MySQL.

9. WP-Rocket

The name says it all. The WP-Rocket boosts the speed of your website and load time for pages.

10. WP Smush

When too-large images are compressed, your website can perform a lot more efficiently. This is exactly what the WP Smush does without sacrificing both quality and integrity.

All these are incredible tools for helping you achieve the following:

• Optimizing content so that it focuses solely on your target audiences’ needs

This will cover proper metadata, quality content creation, and keyword presence. Furthermore, it helps you build trust and loyalty.

• Content that reads well

It’s always great when you get your point across simply and easily. Keep in mind that many who visit your site will likely just skim through content. Make sure you consider them in your SEO venture as well.

• Helps you avoid clustering keywords

Remember that it’s going to be very hard to retain readers when you oversaturate content with keywords. The effective tools above should render this a non-issue.

• Helps you maintain top-quality content

You should be able to successfully come up with content that leads your visitors to do the desired-upon action, whether it’s giving you a call, filling out a form, answering a survey, or paying your location a visit. Proper spelling, grammar, and brevity should all be considered when developing content.

• Boosts click-through rate

The aforementioned tools listed above can also aid in creating catchy page titles, which can factor in accomplishing the desired results.

When proper optimization techniques and strategies are employed, achieving great SEO outcomes should be a breeze for you. Take full advantage of the aforementioned tools and tactics that boost site visibility, help you accomplish your goals, and maintain your place in today’s ever-changing digital atmosphere.

You’re more than welcome to share your insights on the comment section below.

Guest Author: I am Louise Savoie Digital Marketer at Proweaver, a web development company specializing in Custom Web Design which helps sole proprietors and small companies increase their sales and grow their business. I am responsible in Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. You can find us on Twitter: @proweaver
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