3 Online Branding Mistakes You Need to Avoid

branding mistakeBranding properly can build your business at an alarming pace. You can gain your target market’s trust, improve your visibility and increase sales quite quickly if you brand yourself effectively. Unfortunately, many people take all the wrong steps during the branding process.

Many rush mindlessly ahead, desperate to generate sales, so they plaster their business link all over Facebook Groups, twitter and Google Plus. These practices are repelling, meaning that you scare away people who might otherwise be interested in your opportunity.

Check your energy. Do you feel confident, about yourself and your opportunity? If you don’t, take a step back. Either build up confidence in yourself and your business or select another opportunity, because you can’t build a successful, thriving brand while lacking confidence in yourself and the business you attempt to grow.

Lack of Clarity

Branding newbies usually have zero clarity around their campaign. The brand message changes hour after hour, day after day, confusing their audience. You can’t change your message and expect people to digest, understand and respond to your message with regularity.

Stick to a core intent. Build your brand around one dominant idea. Maybe you intend to help individuals find profitable niches. Good. Write blog posts and send out social updates focused on helping individuals find profitable niches.

Zero Creativity

Dull brands are ignored. You will never make a firm impress on individuals within your target market by developing a boring, listless brand, because people are repelled by entrepreneurs who lack creativity.

Be creative. Inject your personality into your work. The most successful brands become memorable by thinking on a different plane of thought compared to most individuals. This takes in-depth planning on your part. Turn off your lap top. Think through your marketing campaign. Proceed to test out your strategies, fine-tuning your techniques to ensure that you find the proper recipe to building your brand.

Creativity develops by practicing, by using your mental tools, by perfecting your craft. Spice up your ad copy. Study marketing wizards. Learn from the best how to make an indelible impact on your niche.

Underestimating Your Impact

Many branding failures believe they can never make an impact with their brand. This sends out a loud and clear message to “stay away”, as people sense this lack of confidence on a deeper level. No, you might not develop a more powerful, global brand than big-ticket companies, but then again, you might. You can make a phenomenal impact with your brand because each of the most powerful, well-known brands on earth started where you started.

You can make a resounding impact. Yes you, a single person. The first step is to believe in yourself and your offering, and to know that you can make a real difference in people’s lives. With this realization you can proceed to establish clarity around your brand message, positioning yourself to become a well-known authority in your niche.

Avoid these mistakes and you can build a powerhouse brand over time.


Guest Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys offering tips and strategies to build a successful online presence and have greater success selling products and services. Check out Filezilla for an FTP client program that works across a variety of platforms.
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