5 Best Ways to Engage Users on Twitter

It is not in question that social media is a strong tool especially when it comes to marketing. There is so much competition out there and every day a new company or something new is being introduced into the market. Your audience can quickly forget about you or your products and move on to the next big thing, all because it was extensively talked about. Just how does one get talked about? By being visible on the social media platform. One such platform is Twitter.

So, what are 5 of the best ways to engage users on Twitter?

1. Get on the platform
Since the audience you are targeting is that of Twitter users, you need to get on the platform yourself. That means that you need to register by creating your account. It is important to note here that the name you use for your profile is what people will use to identify with what you are all about. Consider this name as your brand. It should be unique and clear since it is what your users will use to identify you with. If you have an account already, you’re ready for the rest of the tips to follow.

2. Interact with other people using Twitter
The only way to do this is to use tools made available to you by Twitter. They include starting conversations, retweeting, or using hashtags. Apart from using these tools, have content. Tweet material that is interesting to read, educative and captivating. That is the only way you will get people to follow you and that way you increase your audience. That said, it is important to know how much is too much. Serial tweeting can have an adverse effect on other users. Only tweet in moderation, especially if you are new. Always make sure that your tweet leaves an impression on whoever who reads it. It helps to know your audience and the time they are likely to be logging onto the platform. If you have done your research regarding this, you can time yourself to post your tweets during such a time.

3. Follow other users
When you follow other Twitter users, you make yourself known to them. There is a high chance that the people you follow will follow you back and when this happens you automatically have an audience. Your tweets will be visible on their accounts and their followers can see your tweets in their accounts even though you are not following their friends. If you post captivating, humorous or educative posts you will catch another user’s attention and that way more and more people will begin to follow you.  You can also buy Twitter followers and have a services follow other users for you.

4. Trend
You can do this by use of hash tags. This works mainly when you use hash tags (#) about popular topics.
5. Follow big personalities
Twitter is full of prominent personalities who command a huge following. Follow the ones that are relevant to your line of business since people who follow them have an interest in what the personality is all about. Doing this brings you closer to fellow Twitter users.

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Guest Author: The blog poster is a social media consultant for home businesses.
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