The 5 Important Rules To Successfully Build Strong Presence On YouTube

video marketingYouTube is the biggest video sharing website on the internet and many people are accessing YouTube every day just to watch some interesting videos to cure their boredom, or curiosity. You can use YouTube to your advantage. You can create a strong presence on YouTube and make money from your YouTube popularity. When you have a strong presence on YouTube, you’ll have many followers and more people will view your videos. This means traffic. Traffic means money. You can direct your YouTube traffic to your website and monetize it effectively. Here are 5 most important rules to successfully build strong presence on YouTube:

1. Post quality videos

Remember that quality is the number one reason why people enjoy your videos. Without quality, people won’t watch your videos. Even if you just post a 1-minute video, you should fill it with quality or the impression of quality. Lame videos just won’t attract attention, no matter how long they are. You don’t need to be perfect. You just need to make sure that your video is good enough for people to watch. Check about the video resolution and the sound quality as well. The image and sound must be clear and enjoyable to watch.

2. Invite people to connect with you

In your videos, you should invite people to connect with you. You can ask people to follow you on Twitter. This is the most common one. You can also ask people to like your Facebook page. However, the most important thing that you can do to build a strong presence on YouTube is to ask people to subscribe to your channel. This is important because the more people subscribe on your channel, the more viewers you will have and the more reputable your videos will be perceived.

3. Release your videos regularly

Now, there are probably thousands of YouTube users who joined YouTube since 2008 and still only have 2 or 3 videos under their username. Isn’t it lame? They are “seniors” on YouTube, yet they don’t use their seniority to build strong reputation on this platform. If you want to be popular on YouTube, you have to remember to release your videos regularly. You need to keep updating your channel so that people can enjoy your latest “creation”. Without consistent updates, you won’t be able to build strong presence on YouTube.

4. Respond to comments

When people comment to your videos, you just need to respond to them. If they comment positively, thank them. If they comment negatively, ignore them. But, you need to take a look at what people are talking about your video. You shouldn’t just abandon them. Good interaction is important to build good impression for you. If you are responsive to most of your viewers’ comments, it is a good way to make people want to comment again and again. This will in turn increase your popularity.

5. Create an interesting channel

Organize your channel nicely. It is the place to show your visitors what you offer. That’s why you should make it look as professional as possible. Don’t make it look like a mess. Remember that when you ask people to subscribe to your channel, they’ll review your channel first before deciding to join. You have to make sure that your channel caught their attention.

Those are 5 most important rules to successfully build strong presence on YouTube. This is a great platform to attract massive traffic to your advantage. Once you’re popular on YouTube, it will be easy for you to make money from your own popularity.


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