5 Ways to Engage Efficiently On Pinterest

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Pinterest is a user-centric platform that provides industry-specific knowledge from the best sources. It allows for shaping the personality of your brand. It helps you to reach customers directly by creating such content that not only promotes your brand but also helps the users. However, to tap into the advantages of Pinterest, you must first learn how to engage efficiently with your target audience.

Here are 5 ways in which you can engage efficiently on Pinterest-

1. Create multiple boards

Any user would like to engage with a brand that has multiple brand relevant boards as opposed to a few boards with many pins. Each of your boards needs to be titled precisely with an appealing cover picture and must look well-organized. To improve interaction you could also create a separate blog board which will make it easier for your followers to find your blog.

2. Follow and Repin

Social media is not all about you. You also need to get social on it. Pinterest is no different. You should make it a point to follow and repin relevant content from other accounts. Users like to interact with brands that value variety perspectives and echo ‘ we’re not here for brand promotion only’ vibe.

3. Pin only for your target audience

On Pinterest, it’s easy to stray from what your brand stands for. You need to be very sure of the relevancy of your pins and see to it that it caters to your target audience.

The more the relevancy, the more of your target audience will follow you.

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4. Convert video into a pin

You can pin videos directly. But the short attention span of the users may prevent them from engaging further with your pin. To steer away from this, you could take screenshots and create a combined step-by-step image to be pinned, thereby improving engagement.

5. Create compelling infographics

Pinning and visually appealing infographics is a foolproof method of engaging with your target users. One of the boons of Pinterest is that long images will help you get noticed better. Thus, Pinterest makes it easier to interact with users with lengthy, well-detailed, and easy to understand infographics.

If you think Pinterest is merely for art, craft, and fashion, you need to think again. Find out what kind of questions your target audience is getting to the platform, and answer them to garner the advantages of Pinterest’s great traffic potential. Make use of these tips and increase your engagement with Pinterest.

Nishant is the Director of Chimpzlab.com, a content marketing agency that specializes in providing consultancy to brands from ideation to deployment and marketing. Having worked directly with some of the top brands in E-commerce, Fashion, BNFI, Consultancy and Advertisement over the past 6 years. He enjoys sharing his thoughts and insights about communication practices.
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