5G: Future Aspect of Wireless Technology

5G technology

The most common problem of every cellular network is concerned with speed of the network. There are many reasons behind lesser speed of data transmission in cellular networks. When 4G network technology entered in the technical environment it completely changed the scenario of data downloading and uploading speed of the network. It offered data to be downloaded at faster speed and in fewer seconds. With this outcome, 4g network deploying companies have maintained a remarkable market position in the technical world of wireless community. The most growing market in this technology is RELIANCE JIO. This technology delivers its services at very fast rates.

With growing concerns of faster data transmissions, a latest technology that is 5G is grabbing intentions of digital world at very peak rates. 5G technology is rapidly gaining market position in those countries where faster data transmissions are major concerns. This technology is offering services to its users beyond customer’s expectations. Data transmissions rates are too high in 5G networks. According to a report whether the 5G technology is offering best ever transmission services but 3G & 4G technologies would still be in use for some coming years. This latest 5G technology is offering smart infrastructures with cheaper costs as it was before and stupendous mobile services. Now a days most growing topic of digital world is 5G networks and everyone is pinging for its deployment strategies. With the enhancement in the technology even the students are benefited as they now have the ease of getting online ‘write my essay’ services to get through their tasks.

Basic structure of 5G

Wireless networks are divided into various smaller units and then data is transferred from one node to another with the help of radio waves. Currently going technology that is 4G networks that need strong power cellular towers for data transmission over longer distances whereas in 5G technology, signals can be transmitted to far distance by installing smaller data transmission units even at the top of the building. The installation if these compact data transmission units is mandatory because it works on millimeter wave pattern of electromagnetic spectrum. The band of the spectrum would be 30GHz to 300GHz and hence it should obey rapid data transmissions. The prior technologies like 4G &3G uses lesser range of band spectrum in an electromagnetic spectrum. By using high frequency band spectrum range of electromagnetic spectrum, made it possible to transfer data from one unit to another at peak rates. No doubt lower frequency spectrums send data at longer distances but transmission speed is lower in that case.

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Technology rich countries like USA, JAPAN, KOREA & CHINA have already started projects for its deployment from 2017. Korea is leading in deployment of 5G networks in its region having one million 5G subscribers. By the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020, the Argentina would lead in digital market with the successful deployment of 5G technology in its region. Many of the cities of the Ireland have deployed 5G networks by the end of August 2019. Students of Ireland are already taking assignment help from the experts. Russia has assigned a deal with telecom operator MTS for deployment of 5G network by the end of next year.

Moreover, the government of India has also given green signal to their telecom industry to start projects for 5G networks. The Global Mobile Suppliers Association launched has released first 5G network mobile tracking device in march 2019. Most leading mobile industry SAMSUNG has launched Samsung galaxy S10, its first 5G mobile tracking device.

Major concerns

With the combined efforts of Huawei and DOCOMO (which is a JAPANESE mobile network agency) has successfully launched 5G networks in cellular world od communication. By using higher range of frequency band spectrum these companies record data transmission approximately at the data rate of 11.3Gbps, which is 40 times higher than 4G networks. Such a rapid data transmission is associated with huge use of radio waves which leads to serious health issues such as

• Brain tumor

• Skin cancer

• Autism

• infertility

and many more severe mental problems. Furthermore, according to Radio frequency radiation(RFR) which is anything emitted from the electromagnetic spectrum whether it is waves or light emitted from monitor or sun are associated with ionizing and non-ionizing effects. Moreover, any radiation exhibiting non ionizing properties; is very weak in reaction and do not breakdown chemical bonds. Which includes UV light, Visible light & IR light. Microwaves are somewhat exceptions. It also depends on tendency of humans for continuous exposure to these radiations.

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