Advantages of using Web Based POS

POS systemPOS systems have been around for many years, and they help millions of businesses every day with processing transactions, keeping track of tables in restaurants, keeping up with inventory, generating reports, and so much more. POS systems have always been traditionally installed via special hardware and software in the physical store, but more recently, many businesses have started turning to web-based POS for many reasons.

How Web Based POS Works

The web based POS system works by using the cloud to deliver the software to the computer used for transactions, management, organization, etc. If the computer has an internet connection, it can run the web based software easily and quickly. On the other hand, traditional POS systems are based entirely on the computers they operate on.

Why Use Web Based POS?

As you would assume, there are many reasons why businesses opt for web based POS systems over traditional setups every day.

Firstly, web based POS systems are extremely easy, fast, and cheap to install. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of installing a traditional POS system, you probably know that it involves lots of trial and error troubleshooting and consulting the customer support hotline for seemingly every step of the process. Web based POS is much more easy, simply because the software you use is hosted from the provider’s end. The software developers worry about updating and troubleshooting the software if there are any problems, and because all you need is an internet connection to get up and running, the cost for this type of POS system is dramatically less.

Another fantastic advantage to using a POS system is the real time look you get at inventory. If you run a store in multiple locations, you can quickly and easily see via an internet connection what’s going on with inventory at your other stores. This can come in handy when a customer might want an item that’s out of stock at one location, yet is in stock at another. The employee can instantly check for stock right in front of the customer without having to get back with them later.

Additionally, a web based POS system produces significantly less paperwork because each store location’s sales information is stored in the same database at the rest, meaning this information can be obtained and consolidated from anywhere.

There are many advantages to using a web based POS system, but above all, you are missing out on overall simplicity. Until you switch to web based software, you will never know the true meaning of simplicity when it comes to organizing your store’s transactions, table management, inventory, etc. One major advantage of EPOS software is easy setup and installation. Businesses can quickly integrate the program within minutes. Although it takes more than minutes to get the hang of it, the control interface is also user-friendly and smartly built. A lot of POS systems demand too much time and effort for setup, with installation often taking countless hours of trial and error. In addition, learning some POS systems can also be a stressful and tedious process. Through a virtual Point-of-Sale system, there is nearly no installation required. Setup can be completed in a few mouse clicks.


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