Android And IOS Apps To Help You During Emergency Situations

Mobile phone apps are no more the ‘calculators’ and ‘snake games’ it used to be years ago. They are now more advanced and more productive. A smartphone is nothing without all its variety applications. Today, a smartphone user is heavily dependent on his mobile applications as it helps him in his daily activities involving work, business, entertainment, healthcare, childcare, education, family and kids, finance, food and drink, fitness, lifestyle, games and music, videos and photo shooting, news and other television programs, social networking, productivity, sports and travel and what not.


Sometimes, a smartphone is the best companion you can think of, thanks to thousands of mobile applications. And of course, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Mobile phone applications come to your rescue at times of emergencies as well. Here are few iOS and Android applications that come into play during your emergency times.

Apple’s best Apps for Emergency

  1. Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide

It doesn’t matter how prepared you are for the upcoming emergencies; you tend to panic and forget the basics. With Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide, most remedies are right in your pocket. There are solutions for a variety of treatments, ranging from minor burns to heart attacks. These are usually the first aids you offer a victim before professional help. Here are some of the best features of this app:

Notes for professional healthcare with international emergency numbers

  • CPR clock for pacing CPR videos
  • The guide is available offline so you are not in the mercy of your internet connection.

The app is available for $1.99 in the iOS App store.

  2. ubAlert – a Network for Disaster Alert

Here is a disaster alerting system for men on the go. The application is designed to alert citizens on possible disasters once they are reliable. This application works by compiling data from different data providers and global institutions combined with individually reported crown sourcing.

The application is capable of worldwide emergency warning that is issued after a reported content’s reliability is validated. Some of the exclusive features of the app include:

  • Interactive maps
  • Ability to sort events by popularity, location, severity and credibility.
  • Sharing events by posting links in Twitter and Facebook or simply by emailing.
  • Font size adjustments and many more customizable settings

The application can be downloaded for free in the Apple’s store.

  3. Battery Magic Elite

The first and foremost character of a mobile phone is its battery life. Without this, none of your phone capabilities have any value. As the name suggests, Battery Magic Elite, helps you manage and maintain your phone battery. You can maximize the life of your battery and also increase its usage levels.

Users can purchase this app at a mere $0.99.

Android’s Answer to Emergency Apps

The Android’s app store is no inferior to that of the iOS. Here are emergency apps from the Android’s basket.

  1. Police Scanner

The application brings more than 2500 fire, police, rescue and more radio feeds over Wi-Fi or 3G. Individuals can locate channels in the United States and other countries by state wise, country wise or province wise search. You can locate these channels based on 3G or Wi-Fi or GPS triangulation. The app features include:

  • More than 2500 radio feeds delivered over Wi-Fi or 3G.
  • Ability to explore US and international channels country wise, state and county wise.
  • Save your preferred channels
  • Instant access as new feeds get online.

  2. First Aid

Android’s version of First Aid helps you in emergency situations when you need guidance on First Aid. The application is designed to assist you in stressful times or for supporting fellow people by giving them the right guidance. This guidance is offered in the application in the form of videos, short texts and illustrations. 

  3. Disaster Alert

The name says it all. An interactive map showing information on the present global disasters is offered in the application. These recent and real-time hazards and additional information can be viewed and shared. Users are cautioned for disasters like hurricane, cyclone,  flood, earthquake, windy and stormy conditions, Volcano, Tsunami and wildfire in advance.

Although it may sound unpractical to be using your mobile phone apps at times of emergencies like accidents, injuries etc, you never know when they come into your rescue. Some of these apps help you in gathering information about specific hazards prior to their involvement.

Get these apps installed on your Smartphone now. After all, safety is simply ABC – Always be careful.


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