6 Free Android Apps To Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

Apps are appliances made for devices based on android OS to expand the utility of the devices. As a manager for social media who is at all times on-the-run, you can be sure to depend on these important apps to stay engaged and connected with your social media. Android apps are available in large numbers in today’s large market. It is recommended you consider the 6 free chat apps to manage your social media marketing:

1 .Tweet Deck

With Tweet Deck, people can customize their experience with Twitter through groups, columns, saved searches and automatic updates to keep them updated concerning interesting topics and the public. This free app, Tweet Deck, allows users to follow what other users ‘status updates are all about, and provide updates via links, sharing of photos, sharing of videos, and tweeting.

2. Hoot Suite

This app permits businesses to launch their marketing campaigns, send target messages to a number of channels, expand and identify their audiences using social media. Hoot Suite brings individuals together from a spectrum of social media websites, like Twitter and Facebook. Through Hoot Suite’s control panel, groups can collaboratively schedule updates to Word press, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, through mobile, desktop, or web platforms. Teams may additionally follow campaign outcome and business trends.

3. Gowalla

This free app, Gowalla, permits sharing of places users visit including contacts and friends, utilizing videos, pictures, and posts. Specialist of Social media can connect with the app through Twitter and also Facebook. This app currently offers iPad native apps, Palm, Blackberry, Android, and iPhone. Support for other phones may be given in the future times by 3rd-party developers.

4. Shareaholic

This free tool which is for Internet Explorer as well as safari and Firefox, consents to sharing all pages by its users, anytime, with more than 100 services for instance Google mail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Word Press. The tool, Shareaholic permits the users to make their bookmarks simple and be able to find latest materials while they come on the Internet.

5. Zinzzchat

Share pictures, videos, and articles on different social networks with Zinzzchat. The free app lets you have new content to stay focused on marketing. You can use it on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

6. Postling

Postling makes it simple for you to make content and thereafter post it straight to your blog in order to maintain new content on your blog even at times when you are not using your laptop. This is vital because your audience simply want new content.

The above 6 apps that will help you manage your social media marketing is ideal for your dealership to get more value and exposure from the social media, and get closer to your audience. Auto dealers who want to improve the effectiveness of their Social Media Marketing campaigns need to have these 6 apps to improve their social media marketing.

The chat apps will help marketers to engage their customers who are already mobile. Dealers can also monitor what is being said about them online at anytime and anywhere. They can promote positive mentions immediately and reach out for negative mentioned immediately. Remember if used correctly, free chat apps can be a driving force for your business.


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