Android Call Spy: Beware of Your Girlfriend

iPhone appAndroid smartphones are amazing—they must be if they own majority of the market share.  And there is no reason not to own one. You can play a variety of amazing games, you can download all sorts of apps from over 400,000 thousand choices for the Google play store and you can enjoy an OS which is extremely efficient and a breeze to use at the same time.

But there are some drawbacks that come as a part of using Android too- – the fact that it is extremely susceptible to Android spyware. Now for some this is a nuisance and for some this is a dream come true. Smartphone technology has allowed users to interact with each other through multiple mediums. At the same time it has also allowed people to interact with numerous people at the same time.

Too Many Queries

If you’re in a relationship and are having potential doubts about your partner, then this could be a solution to your paranoia. Of course, asking your partner outright is never a good idea. Nor is it ever good for your relationship. Was it really their boss who called in the middle of the night? Or their grandmother in the middle of dinner? These are all questions which may end up haunting you for nights if you don’t get the answer. And it’s never a good idea to hire private detectives or do some underwear drawer snooping.  So the best option is to listen in on who your partner talks to on the phone and for how long. What other easier way is there to eavesdrop on someone’s conversations than to install an Android call spy app on their phone?

The best thing about these apps is that they don’t require any technical skills nor do they require you take out a chunk of your money just to spy on your boyfriend which is something most girlfriends are incessantly trying to do. And who can blame them? Sometimes figuring out who is a guy to trust is really difficult and tapping into their phones is the quickest method to uncovering whether you’re dating a genuine gentleman or a suave womanizer.

The Gains

And how so? Well, most spyware providers offer a number of features as a part of Android call spy. This includes call recordings which can be accessed later from personal emails or online dashboards. And of course no one would be the wiser- -especially not your boyfriend. You can also access complete call history which would include ingoing as well as outgoing calls, the duration of the calls and the time of dialing and receiving. Some software even send you alerts when real time phone calls take place so you can listen in at the same time or provide you with location history so that nothing escapers your monitoring.

In other words you get just about everything you need to know about your partner and can make more aware decisions about the future of your relationship. For all the fellas, guilty or innocent regardless, this may prove a very problematic situation if your girlfriends choose to investigate—which thanks to Android call spy they easily can!


Natalia David is a well-known tech writer; an author significantly contributes towards Pc and cell phone monitoring as well as spying apps such as call spy android. You can also follow her on twitter @NataliaDavid4.
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