Apple – Bigger Than Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft

Apple IncIt’s no secret that Apple is currently considered to be one of the largest and most well-known companies in the world. They are also one of the most valuable, which won’t come to anyone’s surprize, given their tremendous growth over the last few years. With this being said, they have exceeded even their own expectations; Apple can now proudly say that they are superior to many of the well-known brands in the world, and they have literally taken the tech industry by storm. Apple is now bigger than four of the market leaders in the industry and Apple has a current market cap of more than $632 billion.

This means that Apple now has a market cap that exceeds Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon combined. These four companies have been noted as Apple’s competition but they have not been able to overcome the market cap of Apple, even when they are combined. This might very well change in the future, but for now, Apple is standing strong and poses a real challenge for other market leaders to follow.

A recent Twitter update revealed the following figures about these companies:

  • Microsoft: $256.78 Billion
  • Google: $221.48 Billion
  • Facebook: $41.43 Billion
  • Amazon: $111.26 Billion

These companies together, totals around $630.95 billion, and this is less than Apple’s market cap of $632 billion. Very impressive for this technology giant. Although the individual figures of these companies are very good in itself, they still can’t seem to come close to Apple, showing just how strong this company has become. Microsoft and Google are well-known competitors and they are also leading over Facebook and Amazon, but not even combined can they beat Apple to the finish line. Apple has had remarkable growth and this is largely due to the fact that they are continually adapting to new technology and challenges that the industry faces, making them innovative and adaptable.

However, this wonderful achievement made by Apple, did not only exceed their own expectations, but also those of their competitors. Today, Apple is considered to be a true leader in the tech and mobile industry, offering a wide range of products that serve both the mobile and the computer market. Not only are they leading in value, but they provide innovative products that people enjoy to use, and products that continue to provide the best and most reliable service. It is very interesting to know that in 1999, a mere 14 years ago, Apple enjoyed a total market cap of only $9.29 billion; which is very small in comparison to their net worth in 2013.

Being the giant that it is, Apple’s growth is not expected to stop here; their consistent progress and they are likely to continue to grow over the next decade. The world appreciates the technology, style, and great progress that Apple provides and aren’t likely going to stop supporting them. It’s a well-known fact that Apple is now the biggest company as according to market cap, and they are undoubtedly one of the market leaders in the technology and mobile industry., is an online person lookup service that helps you to search more than 8 million names, telephone numbers and addresses in New Zealand.
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