Applications of Artificial Intelligence, AI Future and Advantages

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence aka AI has been the talk of the town since years but what has left people divided over it is the Hollywood movies presenting them like Human-like robots, who would take over the world after ditching their creators, Human Being. So, if you’re the victim of such movies, dramas or seasons, you need to know that AI is playing safe and there’s nothing like that they will be overriding us in near future.

What makes AI worth talking every now and then is it is on open-end like it improves itself from previous iterations and remains on the edge of its seat to learn and become smarter with every passing day. Artificial Intelligence is often touted as the ‘Robots with Brains’ as it blends technology and the human-like intelligence that is based on problem-solving apart from the language understanding, learning and reasoning.

Best Definition of Artificial Intelligence

The fitting of human-like behaviour and intelligence into the machines is known as Artificial Intelligence. Just for your better understanding, it’s the replication of human intelligence into a machine, software or technology personal assistant like Siri or Alexa; it somehow imitates the human behaviour in some capacity.

There are thousands of definitions and debates that have been making AI look complex, weird or controversial. But the reality is quite opposite to that as the human reasoning and intelligence turning harmful to the creator itself is beyond logic in the first place.

Artificial Intelligence: Throwback to the past

This term Artificial Intelligence was coined by John McCarthy, back in 1956, who tend to define it as ‘the science and engineering of making intelligent machines’. Since the inception of this word, AI has come a long way forward from the chess-playing computers to self-driving cars and the robots serving pizzas in café.

The budding AI research in the 1950s was more focused on the issues like symbolic interpretation and problem solving, or most specifically the mathematical problem-solving. The thing that may astound you in the first place is that calculators of that time were taken as the AI machines.

A misconception that prevails with non-techie kind of guys is that for them Apple is the groundbreaker of the AI personal assistants with unveiling Siri, but that’s not the fact as Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) did that long before after finalizing the street mapping projects in the 1970s.

Nowadays AI is further divided into two main categories; one of them is Strong AI and the other is Weak AI; the latter is more concentrated about the human reasoning, whereas Strong AI is on the money when you opting for the way exactly humans think and react to it.

Artificial Intelligence Examples

You may believe that or not, Artificial Intelligence is pampering you in your daily life; whether you go online or offline, AI has become an inevitable part of your daily routine.


Sought out as one of the most authentic sources of communication even nowadays, Email is something you can’t take a day off from even if you are a businessman or a student. To make sure the Email communication remains smooth enough nowadays, AI has leveraged great support to it as it sorts out the incoming emails into various categories to make it hassle-free and disciplined as well. Below mentioned are the Email categories you see on your screens quite often:
• Social
• Primary
• Updates
• Promotions
• Forums
• Spam


The AI has evolved Chatbots into a complete human in some capacity as they are spot on at times when it comes to following the words and recognizing even the phrases and idioms. The Chatbots are often used by companies to respond to the queries of customers and sometimes it’s so accurate and precise one couldn’t actually find out whether he is talking to the real person or a chatbot.


This ride-sharing App is something you use daily to make it to the office or your school but it would be a revelation for you that AI is even serving you here. It not only determines the distance from your location to the destination but also set the prices while keeping in mind what you’re actually willing to pay for it.

Smart Personal Assistants: Cortona, Siri and Google Now

Your smartphone is just a tap away and so is the AI Smart personal assistants like Siri and Cortona. They are designed superbly to understand your dialect, phrases and language. For instance, you can just push the home button and ask Siri to make your access to the location settings rather than scrolling or tapping dozens of time to get reach to these settings.

Artificial Intelligence Future

AI is into your houses and lives but in near future, it seems that is going to be the trendsetter or a barrier that is going to be used as handy equipment in the international politics. Not to forget, Russin President Putin hinted about Artificial Intelligence to become the next big thing in the global landscape.

Risks of Artificial Intelligence

The bigwigs of scientific world Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have warned about the AI long ago and one can’t actually overlook the experience they possess. Below are some of the threats AI can push us into:

Autonomous Weapon replacing Nuclear Weapon

If Nuclear Weapon is poised as a threat to the world, so should be the autonomous weapons which could be difficult to stop once they are deployed on the mission by the governments even against the foes or fellow countrymen.


If cameras everywhere were breaking your privacy then the latest track and analyzing tactics are going to add more to your headache as they even consider your facial recognition to know where you are at the moment. Moreover, AI can break into your online lives as well; knowing that what you are searching and doing on it.

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