Use of Artificial Intelligence in SEO: Worth It or Not?

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In the last 20 years, Google has gone from the usual Internet search engine to the giant of the IT industry. Now, this search engine is focused on artificial intelligence. It is aimed at expanding the scope of its products, and services. Google uses Artificial Intelligence to improve its algorithms & SERP results. As Google dominates the world of SEO, SEO professionals must use Artificial intelligence to collect and analyze a huge amount of data and perform SEO campaigns accordingly for better search results. AI helps a lot in SEO. Let’s see how.

1. Analysis of Big Data & Forecasting

Major brands have a huge amount of information about users: their online activities, activities in social networking websites, data about completed and failed purchases, search queries, personal preferences, etc. Artificial intelligence helps to structure, rank and select the right data you need for SEO.

It is very important for SEO professionals to use AI and make right predictions about customer behavior. Marketing forecast based on this analysis can become the basis of for an effective brand strategy in the market. For example- you can use Salesforce Einstein. It allows you to use artificial intelligence to automate the work with customer activity data, create forecasts and recommendations based on them and use them in business processes in an easy way.

2. Better Ranking of Websites & Web Pages in SERPs

These days, artificial intelligence plays an important role in SERPs. Google uses self-learning RankBrain system to generate search results and provide automatic recommendations for users. It can literally “guess” what users are looking for and offer a suitable answer.

They don’t give mechanically huge amounts of information only on keywords. Due to AI use, Algorithms are now able to understand the intonation context of the query. Voice search completely goes beyond semantic analysis and recognizes the emotional state and the user’s environment.

3. Improved Communication with Customers

All leading brands and companies now use Artificial Intelligence to communicate with customers, provide them the requested services, solve their problems, etc. Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, and other IT giants use AI to have conversations with audience on a daily basis.

Artificial intelligence helps them to smooth out the situation, reduce the waiting time for customers, and personalize messages in a communication. Several studies have shown that monotonous repetitive tasks can lead a person to get frustrated with routine duties and cause unethical behavior. Chatbots are an easy solution to it.

4. A Great Help in Content Marketing

Content Marketing is all about the creation and distribution of content on different web platforms to meet business objectives. Viewers are selective when it comes to content. Always keep in mind that the content created by computer algorithms are a cost-effective business solution. For Instance, some financial and sports news on famous websites (such as Newyork Times, WallStreet Journal.) are written by artificial intelligence algorithms based on real-time data. By analyzing large amounts of information and working with insights into the target audience, algorithms can understand which message and creative elements will attract the consumer.

5. Automated Keyword Research

Keyword analysis is the first step of SEO. Before writing content and optimizing websites, an SEO specialist must think about the search queries used by visitors to find information, products and services on the Global Internet. The correct analysis of keywords is important because it allows you to clearly understand the search criteria for your brand. Automated keyword research tools help you find useful and high performing keywords for your brand and boost the performance of your website.

Final Words

The dynamics of SEO is changing with each passing day. SEO professionals and IT companies that provide SEO services must use Artificial Intelligence to automate different activities of website optimization, improve results, and generate more business opportunities. Good Luck!

About Author: Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working for Digital Muscle Limited which is known for most affordable seo services in Australia. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. Her role in the company is to manage a team of SEO Specialists. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.
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