Benefits of Using WooCommerce WhatsApp Plugin for Your Store

WooCommerce WhatsApp Plugin

The essence of eCommerce is to enable you reach more audience unlike you will be able to reach via regular commerce. It is much easier to place an order from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to you wherever you are. This is all thanks to eCommerce development.

However, you will not be able to shop with ease if the business owner did not put all these features in place. There was, is and will be many underground work going into enabling you shop with ease. If there was no eCommerce store, you will not be able to shop online.

However, an eCommerce store alone cannot and will not do the trick. You still need some additional features like plugins to make shopping easier for your customers. One of such plugins is the WooCommerce WhatsApp plugin.

WooCommerce WhatsApp Plugin

WooCommerce is one of the major drivers of eCommerce development. The WooCommerce WhatsApp plugin is no different and it has so many features your business can benefit from.

What is WooCommerce WhatsApp Plugin?

WooCommerce WhatsApp Plugin is a plugin that enables your customer place a WooCommerce order. In other words, this plugin makes it easy for your customer to place an order for your products and services via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat platforms worldwide. This implies that your customers can easily place an order via a WhatsApp chat.

6 Benefits of Using WooCommerce WhatsApp Plugin for Your Store

Despite its potentials, I am certain that you still have questions about this plugin. You are probably wondering why you should use this plugin on your eCommerce store. Here are six benefits of using WooCommerce WhatsApp plugin for your store.

Apply the feature to specific products

This is one very good feature of this plugin. This plugin does not automatically apply to every product or service once you install and activate it. You get to choose the product or service you wish to apply this plugin.

If you only want to apply this plugin to products below a certain price or with certain features, you can always personalize how you use this plugin.

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Apply the feature to specific customers

Just like the products, you also get to choose the customers who get to use this plugin. You can sort them using country or any other category.  This plugin is yours to tweak and personalize.

Availability of forms

Most web users do not want to give too many details. However, you can use this plugin to gather necessary information. This plugin provides you with a form builder feature to enable you build forms you need to build forms and gather the information you want.

You may want to be careful with how you build forms and the type of information ask for.

Tracking and measurement

Ecommerce works efficiently with information. This plugin understands the importance of information and helps you keep information. Besides building forms and gathering data, this plugin also helps you track order requests.

The details of an order request is available in the admin dashboard. You can also find the details of the filled forms alongside the orders.

Ease of purchase

Going through the admin dashboard and seeing the information, you would think that this plugin stresses buyers. Truth is, it makes buying easier. With a single click of the button and some tiny details, your customers are already checking out in less than a minute.

This plugin also makes it easy for all types of customers to place orders. Unregistered customers can place orders without having to register. Registered customers can also place orders without hassle.

Chatbot and FAQs

Another great feature of this plugin is that is offers the features of a chatbot and FAQ. This plugin contains a general inquiry feature that enables your customers to ask you anything. Any customer can access and use this feature.

This is also a good way to boost sales. You will increase the chances of getting a customer to buy your goods when you answer their questions.

The WooCommerce WhatsApp plugin is a plugin that wants to make shopping easier for both the buyer and the seller. You are holding yourself back by not installing, activating and using this plugin.

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