6 Best Features of Adobe Photoshop CS3

If you are a professional web designer, the likelihood is that you rely heavily on Adobe Photoshop for all your operations. Adobe Photoshop has been around for over 20 years providing services to different professionals in the market.

adobe photoshop CS3

It is one of the best tools in regard to image editing, photo retouching and several other purposes. The developers are always in a move to introduce new and useful features to help you in your ambitions and for this reason; there are several new features in their new versions.

We will now take a look at the new, fun stuff that Adobe has incorporated in this new version.

1. New Streamlined Interface

This is the first and the most useful feature that you are likely to notice immediately you start firing up CS3.
In regard to this, the tool box has been slimmed down to few command buttons. The main reason for this is to allow you keep the toolbox out of the way on the side of the screen. It is a great addition for freeing up the horizontal space. There’s also a double arrow at the top which you can use to flip the 2 columns.

Similarly, you will notice the new collapsible palette docks which let you reduce all your palettes down to tiny icons especially when you aren’t using them. The reason for this is to save a maximum of space.

2. Smart Filters

According to the developers, this is one of the most requested feature of adobe photoshop cs3. This feature has been in other Photoshop applications and now they are available in Adobe Photoshop cs3 too.

There are some people which are saying that they are a bit difficult to use. What this means is that you first of all have to convert your layer to a smart object before you can implement them.

This addition behaves much like layer effects in the layer palette. If you want to rearrange the filters, then you can easily do that by dragging them in the layers.

The main reason for reordering the filters is to control the order that the filters are applied in. The good thing is that you can as well set a blending mode for each filter.

3. Refine Edge Command

This is another cool feature that people were waiting for. It is now possible to group most of the commands. You can easily get this feature under Select>modify. With this feature, you can now fine-tune your selection in just one place.

The other good thing is that you can preview the results as you go forward. The tool also works with any selection whether created via the Quick mask or made with a selection tool.

4. Quick Selection Tool

This is another amazing feature that people have been waiting for and it has made it easier to edit images. You are just supposed to paint the areas of your image to select them unlike the way people used to carefully clicking areas before that. You can easily paint the area by selecting it using a blush of the size you like. After painting the space, Photoshop automatically selects the object you have painted as it goes.

This new feature is very easy and quick to use. If you want to make it easier for the tool to get the selected border, then you can paint using Alt/option. This is a good way of removing areas of the selection and you can also use the amazing refine edge command.

5. Black and White Adjustment

This is another cool feature that was highly requested. This feature makes it easy for you to produce great black and white conversions of color photos.
Although it was already easy to convert images into white and black by simply choosing Image>mode>grayscale, it is now made much easier and more reliable to use.

6. Brightness and Contrast

In this new version of Photoshop cs3, the developers have tried their best to make this tool to work like the equivalent of Camera raw. The good thing about it is that you can also get the old behavior especially if you want to create comic type effects or have to adjust masks. You can do this by simply clicking the legacy button and the adjustment will be just like before.


Lastly, I’d like to say that after reading the features you definitely want to try this out. If yes, then you can download it from limitlessreferrals completely free.

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