5 Of The Best Free Diet Apps For Android

Android appsThanks to the power and versatility of modern smartphones, they can help out with many aspects of your everyday life. That includes monitoring your diet, so whether you want to lose a few pounds before your holiday or are looking for longer term weight control, let’s take a look at some of the top free Android apps to help keep you on the right track and achieve your goal.

1. My Diet Coach

The My Diet Coach app takes a game-like approach to keeping you motivated and committed to your diet. It uses a timer along with motivational tips to help you resist food cravings. It also has a journal so that you can record your calorie intake and exercise. It’s stylishly presented and will put you on track to breaking your bad habits and achieving your weight loss goals. The basic app is free or you can upgrade to the Pro version to get extra features.

2. Calorie Counter – My Fitness Pal

This fast and easy to use calorie counter for Android phones and tablets is backed by a huge database of over 2 million foods. Fast entry of foods and exercise will help you to monitor your calorie intake and how many you burn. There’s even a built-in barcode scanner so that you can scan a pack in the supermarket and instantly match the food on the app’s database to see the calorie value.

3. Diet Point – Weight Loss

Diet Point has a huge collection of diet and weight loss plans and is backed by a community of people who can help motivate you to reach your goal. With over 130 plans, backed by complete shopping lists for each, and reminders when your next meal is due, Diet Point takes the guesswork out of sticking to a diet.

4. My Diet Diary

With the ability to track your food intake, exercise, weight, cholesterol and nutrition data, My Diet Diary makes it easy to see whether or not you’re on target. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your existing level or even gain weight, this app takes the guesswork out of the process.

5. Detox Diet

If you want to go for a cleansing detox, you may be bewildered by the choice on offer. This app demystifies the world of detox. It answers your basic questions and introduces the most popular detox plans. It will give you information about detox-friendly foods and will help you to find more information online.


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