Top 10 Best WhatsApp Mods for Android

The desire for the extraordinary makes people look beyond the usual. People just feel like the regular is lacking that extra feature or characteristic. People wanted to do more on the business front. To that effect, commerce had to create room for woocommerce product bundles. Thanks to this development, you can now consult or even outsource some of your duties to a trustworthy woocommerce coupon. The android operating software is the most preferred and most used operating system because it gives room for personalized customization. The act of rooting of phones is an expression of the need to do more with your phone though phone manufacturers advises against it. This is because by rooting your phone, you are exposing your phone to several dangers. We can both be using the same phone yet our phones’ interfaces will be completely different. In your playstore, you have access to tons of apps such as launchers that are capable of making certain changes to your UI. Besides launchers, you also have access to other tons of apps and games. It is also important to note that many apps in the google playstore usually have modified versions or Mods as you may choose to call them. These mods are usually birthed from the needs or desire of users to do more (as they desired) with these apps. One app that has a number of Mods or modified version is WhatsApp.

No app helps you connect with others while maintaining that business or personal relationship like WhatsApp does. Unlike most social apps that require a registration process, WhatsApp only requires your phone number. A number of updates have seen WhatsApp move from just being an instant messaging app to one for socializing. The most recent update is the WhatsApp Business. This feature like it name indicates is for business owners. It has the following features: creating a business profile, organize your contacts and labels, quick replies, automated messages, message statistics. Despite the features mentioned above, some individuals still feel some features are still missing. They feel the official WhatsApp is actually boring and feel that they can do more. Thankfully, there are many harmless WhatsApp Mods on the internet. These Modified versions have their various advantages and disadvantages. During the course of this article, I will be discussing what in my opinion are the “Top 10 WhatsApp Mods are for Android”.

GB WhatsApp Mod

This is inarguably the world’s most trusted modified version of WhatsApp. One of the reasons for this actually because its programmer are always providing you with regular updates. These updates fixes bug issues as well as come with new and exciting features. Some of the features of GB WhatsApp includes but not limited to the following. Ability to hide your “last seen”. The ability to send as much as fifty plus images as against the regular ten when you use the regular WhatsApp. With this Mod version, you can also hide the second tick. With this feature, the person you are chatting with will think the message he sent to you has not been delivered. You can also open two accounts simultaneously on the same device. You can send as videos of about thirty megabytes and set your

GBWhatsapp mod
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WhatsApp group’s name to thirty-five characters. You can broadcast messages to about six hundred people and save yourself the stress of having to send them the time of sending the messages one-by-one. This Molded version of WhatsApp works on both rooted and unrooted phones. Therefore, you can still use this on your device if you are critical about rooting your phone.

WhatsApp MA

If you are a lover and user of media files when interacting on WhatsApp then you should consider this moded version of WhatsApp. You must have used data to download a media file on WhatsApp and end up disappointed with it not mentioning the fact that it ends up occupying space on your device. WhatsApp MA can help you stop that by giving you the ability to preview media files before you download them. You can also write statuses containing about 230 words. You can hide archived messages.

WhatsAppMA mod
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With this apk, you can delete unnecessary log files that will otherwise take up space in your device memory. It enables you to change the font size to that which suits you while you can also use them dark themed interface for an awesome user experience. With this WhatsApp mod, you can understand broadcast and private messages from the messages sent to you. You can also select your section of a status you want instead of having to select the entire WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp plus

This is one moded version of WhatsApp I will encourage you as a budding business owner to use. This is because it has a number of similar features with WhatsApp business if not more. Just like the WhatsApp business, you can set auto reply to both individual and group messages. With this feature, you will not have to spend time replying every single message except those that require special attention. You also have over a thousand themes to choose from to personalize your WhatsApp as you want. You can also schedule a message and it will be sent with little or no intervention on your path. You can write messages on groups without been detected. You can hide the “you are writing” notification and you can hide your last seen such that nobody will be able to detect when you are online. You can always appear online using this apk when you are not actually online. You can as well hide the writing notification when chatting with your WhatsApp contact. You can also lock your chats such that even if somebody uses your phone, they would not be able to read your messages. You can also view the status of people and not appear as one of those that have viewed that status.


This is another moded version of WhatsApp that is maintains your privacy and security. When using this version, you can decide to enable the blue tick (which indicates that the message has been read) after you have replied it as against when you have read the message. You can also view deleted messages. Recently, WhatsApp introduced a “delete for everyone” feature. Using FMWhatsApp however, you can view deleted messages after the sender has deleted them. You have access to customized fonts and icons in FMWhatsApp as you do not need additional downloads to make your WhatsApp UI colourful and appealing. Furthermore, you do not need an additional lock to keep your chat messages from prying eyes as thus app comes with its own inbuilt app lock.

WhatsApp Plus Reborn

This is an extended version of WhatsApp plus Mod as it was created when the developers behind WhatsApp plus were no longer supporting the app. It is however important to note that WhatsApp plus reborn was created by a different group of developers. Since it was modeled after WhatsApp plus, it has most if not all the features of WhatsApp plus. It gives you the ability to view the activity statistics of any group as long as you are an admin in that group. You can also share videos, audios and images without fear of restriction due to the size of the file or the number of people you are sharing it to.

Yo WhatsApp

Some android users see Yo WhatsApp a good alternative to GB WhatsApp because it also provides you with the feature of running more than one account simultaneously on the same device. With Yo WhatsApp, you can set aside your worries of being banned as this apk is ban proof. It also comes with an inbuilt app lock and you do not need any thnird party app locker to keep your chats a secret. You can also hide media files you receive from your WhatsApp contacts from your phone’s gallery. You can also search for a member of your group using the “search users in group” feature. You can as well view a profile without making the mistake of placing an accidental call to the person. This is because; this app send you a notification and asks you to confirm that you want to make that voice or video call before you do. With this feature, you may not have to disable the voice or video call feature in your WhatsApp

WhatsApp Indigo

If you want a little more creativity and color to light up your chatting experience, then WhatsApp indigo is just right for you. You can select and copy texts from WhatsApp status easily. You can clear your recently used emojis. You can hide the “recording or typing” notifications from your receiver. You can always appear to be online using the “always online mode’’. You can send HD quality images as well as files as much as 70mb. You can as well hide the blue double ticks as well as the normal double ticks. You can also send group invites to people to join your group as well.

WhatsApp B58

This version of moded version of WhatsApp comes with those extra packages, as you will expect it to. You can hide your status view and your WhatsApp contact will have no idea you just viewed his status. You can also save statuses to be viewed later in your phone gallery. You can hide the normal double ticks and the blue double ticks and the person you are chatting with will believe that the messages were neither delivered nor read. You can also create separate categories for private group and broadcast messages. You can select text from statuses and messages witht the edge of removing the date and time stamps when you copy those messages.


This unofficial WhatsApp apk makes my top ten list for good reason. One of those reasons is the ability to change or alter image size, quality and resolution while you send them. In other words, you can decide to send the actual image or send a compressed version of that image while retaining its quality.

You can send files of any format as it blows away every restriction on the type of files you are able to send. The backup of this apk is similar to titanium backup and you have no reason to fear for your backed up data. You can as well hide the date and time stamps when you copy multiple messages from your chats. It is also ban proof, so you have no need to worry about your account being banned from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp prime

This one WhatsApp mod offers a lot of customization, user friendly and privacy enhancing features to promote a better UX while using WhatsApp. It comes with an anti-ban protection, so you do not have to worry about losing your WhatsApp account because of bans. You can share as much as three images at a go instead of ten. You can write captions using about four thousand characters. Instead of the standard 16mb, you can send videos of about 70mb and express yourself without limits. You can zoom in and out of the profile pictures of your WhatsApp contacts. This mod apk’s size is a meagre 15mb in size, so you cannot complain about the size. It also comes with the Facebook type of emoji and gives you the ability to mute annoying conversations forever instead the maximum one-year limit. You can aslo disable the voice and video calls so that you do not accidently call somebody when checking their profile.

These are the top ten best WhatsApp mods in my opinion for good reasons. They give you the ability to personalize your user interface. This is important because your user interface influences your user experience. If you want to maintain a low profile on social media especially on WhatsApp, then these mods got you covered as well. As a budding entrepreneur, you can make good use of the ability to use two accounts simultaneously on the same device. This will help you separate play from business. You do not want to mix them up, as the effects will always be devastating. I remember working as a personal assistant to a woman who used on WhatsApp account for both business and for connecting with friends. I had to quit the job, as there were no clear lines between business and friendship. With some of the mods mentioned above, you can avoid that part. If you also want to be creative, then you have ten options from which to choose. WhatsApp is revolutionary, so you cannot afford to use it in the regular form.

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