Carriers Reportedly Testing Blackberry 10 Devices

Competition among cell phone manufactures in the market is mammoth. With big names like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Huawei among other brands unveiling their products, no week passes without launch of a new device. Joining this rat race of competitors is Research In Motion (RIM) who is preparing to launch its BlackBerry 10 device.

BlackBerry 10 device

The journey so far has not been too good for RIM. The mobile phone handset market share of consumers is shared by corporate giants like Apple, Samsung, HTC and Nokia among other brands. RIM is trying hard to regain its lost market share in this ultra-competitive market by pinning its hopes on the new devices yet to be launched. With this ambitious launch the company hopes to change the way users use Smartphones promising better app performance among other improved features.

As of this writing BlackBerry 10 is in its testing phase.  About half a century carriers across the globe are putting their best foot forward in testing this new Operating System (OS). The team of developers at BlackBerry can only hope for the best results with their fingers crossed.

RIM’s much delayed BlackBerry 10 the story so far

Going by what the company claims, this is the last step before BlackBerry 10 devices are launched. Many developments have unfolded so far. A closer look at the key developments has been taken.

  • It was in the last financial quarter of the year 2012 that RIM unveiled its new OS. This was a combination of existing BlackBerry elements and QNX OS. A couple of months later the OS was officially called BlackBerry 10 by the company.
  • Half way through the month of December during the same year, the company makes another official statement announcing that phones running on this new OS will be launched somewhere towards the end of 2012.
  • During the month of May the following year, to the relief of many BlackBerry fans, RIM launches the new BlackBerry 10 powered Smartphone, minus a physical keyboard. Only touch screen models were launched.
  • Having launched this Smartphone prototype powered by BlackBerry 10, RIM leaves no details as to when it will launch devices with a physical keyboard.
  • In the second financial quarter of the same year, RIM pushes the deadline it set to launch BlackBerry 10 devices to the first financial quarter of the following year.
  • The company quotes various reasons for buying time. One of it being service providers with whom RIM has a tie up with prefer a 2013 launch. Per the company this will be the time when next generation of wireless networks will be operational in full swing. RIM plans to capitalize on this by timing launch of its sophisticated BlackBerry 10 devices. This is a smart move by a company who aims to win back its lost loyal group of users.
  • In the mean time RIM has left no stone unturned introducing devices using BlackBerry 10 OS to wireless carriers across the world.  The company is happy with the kind of feedback it has been receiving from carriers. However, no details of product launch and other business details have not been made official.

There is indeed some light at the end of the tunnel for RIM and great news for BlackBerry fans.

The final and the key step

RIM has managed to rope in about 50 mobile phone service providers to test its determined BlackBerry 10 OS and devices. The company calls this the final and the key step before it is officially launched across America, Australia, and Asia and in other markets. In order to ensure that the company delivers only quality devices to consumers, RIM has unchanged the launch deadline, sacrificing holiday season sales. More than half a century carriers reportedly testing Blackberry 10 devices will complete the Lab Entry test before it is finally officially launched. For consumers it is but worth the wait.

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