Is A CDN (Content Delivery Network) Good For SEO?

Search engine optimization is the crucial aspect of inbound marketing. When we talk about website SEO, topping the result pages on, most widely used the search engine on the planet, Google seems difficult. To dominate search engine, you have to implement all the SEO strategies correctly.

Search engine optimisation or SEO not only depends on the quality of content, keyword optimisation and unique Meta description, all these are critical parameters, but it depends upon some other things as well. Page loading speed, UX/UI and Protection against traffic spikes are some those key parameters which play a significant role in the increase in ranking of a site. Google admits the fact that site speed is an important aspect of classification of a page on the website. So, CDN is the only solution which can increase website ranking by increasing the loading speed. Let us have a quick review of CDN, how it affects SEO along with some potential benefits of taking advantage of CDN reseller for SEO.

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 Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN is a transparent backbone of the internet which has made content delivery safe and secure than ever before. Either you believe it or not, every one of us directly or indirectly interact with the Content Delivery Network on a daily basis. When reading a news article, shopping online, watching a YouTube video or pursuing feeds on social media platform you are in contact with CDN. CDN is a network of servers which are designed to control the latency of network because the delay in load time is annoying for the site visitors and it negatively affects the user experiences, site ranking and bottom-line profits for the site owners. The CDN’s mission is to shorten the physical distances as well as to improve site rendering speed and performance.

How does it affect the SEO?

Do you want to improve the site ranking or you want to improve the loading speed of your page?

If yes then CDN is here for you!

It is all about speed, protection against traffic spikes, and improvement in user experiences and much more. CDN is not the only thing which can improve search engine optimization. Although it can help you to increase the loading speed of the page, it is also a solution to improve SEO. According to the survey, conducted by top SEO companies revealed that the sites using CDN outranked websites without CDN. Loading speed of the sites without CDN is relatively slow despite all the cache and better servers.

Potential CDN Benefits of CDN on SEO?

Website speed – loading speed is the most critical aspect of site ranking. Google prioritize site concerning the loading speed. It is officially confirmed that CDN is widely accepted and approved tool which can help you to increase speed.

User Experience – A fast website means improvement in UX/UI. Better user experience is something which can ultimately optimize the site and increase traffic. Google utilizes a variety of methods such bounce backs to Google, time spent on site and various other unconfirmed methods to measure the user experiences on the website. Incorporation of UX skills into the arsenal of SEO is something which can allow the site owner to deliver better results and CDN is doing this successfully.

Load Time for Googlebot– Googlebot is the web crawling bot which discovers new and updated pages for addition in Google index. Huge set of computers is used to fetch the pages on the internet. In the case of CDN, Google servers are in the USA. CDN located in the USA can speed up the website load time for Googlebot.

Bonus: Revenue – Another benefit of CDN for SEO is that it lead the site to increase bottom line profits, sales and revenues by enhancing the user experiences and by increasing the speed of the site.

CDN Make Website Safe and Secure

The increase in the loading of the site from a variety of servers and various locations improve the health of the site. Improvement in health and traffic is an enormous advantage for SEO because it can increase the loading speed of the site. A variety of servers located in different geographic locations can diminish the danger of an assault on your site.

Final Verdict

Overall CDN is good for SEO, but there are some caveat and things which need proper consideration. CDN will be useful for the site when it is configured correctly, and the site owner selects CDN as per proximity to the server and good uptime.

You can use CDNs to increase the loading speed of your time, and it can improve SEO. If you have users of the site all over the world, then CDN is the best option for you to satisfy their needs regarding loading speed.

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