Channels & Tools To Reach Out To Your Audience When You Have A Good Online Marketing Budget

There are two sources of traffic out there, that is free traffic, and traffic which you pay for. There seems to be a misguided opinion going around these days that all website traffic should be free. However, this is not true, it can be very profitable to use paid traffic methods for a service or product that has not been properly introduced. In order for a website to be successful, then it must have enough traffic. Without traffic, your business is likely to struggle to generate revenue or even build a customer base.

These days there are quite a number of traffic generating sources. It therefore becomes hard to determine which the best online marketing tool is. As a website owner, make sure that the amount of money you use to buy traffic does not exceed the amount of sales you generate. Below are useful channels and tools, which you can use to buy traffic to your website, when running on a good online marketing budget.

Paid Press Releases

Paid press releases are a great way to spread the word about your product or service. They work very well even if you are just promoting affiliate products. A press release makes it convenient for a larger group of people to see the story about you and your product.

It is important that you place a link to your website several times throughout the body of the press release. If you place the link at the end, chances are that not everyone will read your press release all the way to the end. The whole point of a press release is to direct people to your website for more information about your product. Two of the best paid press release sites include and


Pay Per Click, abbreviated as PPC is a popular paid advertising method. The concept is pretty easy to grasp, it is advertising where you bid on SEO keywords that are relevant to your target market. The more money you invest or pay, the higher the chances your ad will appear in the search engine listing. You pay every time the ad is clicked, that is, you pay for every person that is sent to your website through PPC channels. Some of the top companies that offer PPC services include Microsoft, Google and Yahoo. PPCs can be expensive, but it brings instant traffic to your website.


Online banners are rectangular shaped advertisements which appear on websites and vary a lot in how they look and what they are about. However, they share the same object as PPCs, which is to encourage a viewer to click on the ad and thus be redirected to your website.

A well placed banner can bring in a lot of traffic to your blog. Most importantly, banner costs are quite low. If your banner generates intense curiosity, you can do well for a very low fee.

Buy Targeted Leads

This is a service where you pay to be promoted in email or online newsletters that go out to large numbers of subscribers. It is a good investment since many people get to learn what your website is all about. If what you are selling is good, then chances of increased traffic to your website are very high.

It is important that you only chose relevant newsletters, which have subscribers that are interested in products or services like yours. The cost of targeted lead can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars each time.


This is a feature that enables you to connect with people who have previously visited your site. It shows them relevant ads when they search the internet for other information. When people leave your website without buying anything, for example, re-marketing helps you reach these customers again. The probability of them revisiting your website is thus increased.


Cost per impression, CPM is an advertising tools that works more like the traditional advertising methods. This is the process where you pay a publisher, for example the owner of a popular website or social networking site to display an ad on their website. Every time the publisher displays the ad it constitutes to an impression, irrespective of whether the viewer clicks the ad or not. You buy impression is blocks of 1,000. CPM can help you generate traffic to your website by making your brand familiar to others.

Perfect Audience

This is a Facebook and web re-targeting ad platform which is a great source of paid traffic. It helps you to recover your lost audience by showing them your ads on Facebook and the web. It is a good place for people whose audience is active in the social media profiles. Some of the features of Perfect audience is that it displays Ads, social Ads, rich media Ads and Dynamic ads.

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