Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes and How to Fix Them

What is the major problem that strikes your mind in connection with Facebook Ads?

Well, it’s none other than Facebook Ads rejection with no proper clarification. Like this, there are numerous other hurdles that social media marketers face every single day. Unfortunately, not everyone has the remedies to these hurdles. Not most people know what Facebook ad mistakes resulted in these troubles.

Don’t worry; we have brought to you a cumulative guide that enlists the major Facebook ad mistakes that you should avoid and how you should correct these issues.

Wrong Objective Selection:

The error starts from the beginning! Simultaneously, running your Ads with the wrong objective is nothing but finding a fish from a swimming pool. Until and unless you aren’t sure about the Ad objective, investing is completely worthless. Facebook Ads objective are broadly categorized under three options:

● Awareness

● Consideration

● Conversion

facebook bjectives selection

Based on your business end needs, you should choose the most-appropriate and high-ROI option.

For E.g., If you are looking to collect user’s data (Phone Number, Email, Demographics details, etc.), running a Lead Generation form is the best objective that you must consider for desired results.

In short, it all depends upon what you expect from your efforts and how you will use the end results received from the Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Considering Boost Post for Conversions:

WHAT? Do you really think that boosting an organic post can generate leads for your business? Sadly, this is a false belief that many social media marketers believe. In reality, boosting your organic post helps you with:

● Guaranteed visibility

● Increased engagement

● Exposure to new audience

● Ensures the right people see your content

facebook boost post

So, you can understand that boosting a social post will only help you grow your brand. However, it has nothing to do with the conversions. You might receive some queries in some cases, but it’s hard to evaluate them as quality leads. You must instead run Conversion, Catalogue Sales, or Store Visits to generate quality leads.

Mishandling Sensitive Niches:

Money, Finance, relationships are some of the sensitive niches which must be handled correctly. Most Facebook advertisers looking to run an ad in the sensitive (aforementioned) categories create normal ad content copies that aren’t permitted as per Facebook Ads Policies. E.g., If you are planning to run a Financing Ad with the Ad content copy “Get $10,00 Daily through Work From Home”, it will definitely get rejected.

Secrets That’ll Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach

However, running the same ad with the content copy “Get Extra Income by Working From Home” will give you results after approval. Collectively, it’s essential to read the restricted Facebook categories and learn how to create Facebook-friendly Ad copies for the readers.

Running Facebook Ads without Action Plan:

This is another common yet costly Facebook Ad mistake that most marketers make. Running Ads is one aspect of your marketing; however, utilizing the output is another (second) phase of the strategy. You must have a strong and effective action plan to streamline Facebook Ads and utilize its outcome for business growth.

Create a marketing strategy based on your past results, available marketing assets, and predicted results. Running a Facebook Ads means converting a newbie visitor into a returning customer. Hence you must create a complete marketing funnel to ensure not a single penny is wasted. Instead, your entire investment is profitable for the business.

Following the “Set It and Forget It” Rule:

Marketing is all about exploring the trend and customize your strategy accordingly. Similarly, running Facebook ads doesn’t mean running any ad and forgetting to analyze its performance periodically. Research and execution is one aspect of running the ad. However, tracking its performance is another yet essential part that most marketers skip. Regular tracking is necessary to evaluate the result of your efforts and research.

facebook ads relevance diagnostics

If your ads aren’t performing well, you must check the pain point and correct them accordingly. Waiting for Ad completion is never a smart way to run high-ROI Ad campaigns. Instead, you can keep an eye on all Ad campaigns and evaluate its performance.

Running Facebook Ads with Truncated Content Copy:

Grabbing the reader’s attention only requires microseconds, and no one wants to compromise that opportunity. Writing lengthy content won’t catch the reader’s attention and hence lose its potential to convert well. So, it’s good to write eye-candy content pieces that can strike the reader’s mind and bind them with your message.

The best way to avoid content truncation is by restricting your content copy to limited characters. Below listed is the character limit for Text, Headline, and Description.

● Text: 125 characters

● Headline: 25 characters

● Description: 30 characters

Truncated content not only looks incomplete but also distracts the reader from getting your story. Hence you should write compelling content pieces within the given character limits.

Targeting Your Audience Incorrectly:

Audience is the pool where you can drive trustworthy readers/customers. Hence, selecting the right audience is highly essential to find the right chunk of people and target them with the right message/story.

Fact: Facebook counts to 2.7 billion active users in the second quarter of 2020.

This count speedily increases, and hence you have an enormous database to make the right cluster of users with high conversion potential. With time, Facebook has evolved as a business platform where businesses can target global users and elevate their sales/services. So, the right audience selection plays a significant role in predicting the outcome of your ad. Showing compelling ad copy to the right audience at the right time is all you need to bring a hike in your Paid ROI.

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Not Using Facebook Ads to the Fullest:

For some social media marketers, Facebook Ads is only about generating leads, whereas some consider it a means to populate your social visibility. The reality is, Facebook is a social media giant that can be used not only to increase your sales; Instead, it can also be used for brand awareness, pull traffic to your website, and build a user base. In short, you can utilize the Facebook Paid Ads for diverse purposes, depending upon your business needs.

If you are only using Facebook as a means to drive Sales and follow the sales funnel, it’s time to upgrade your knowledge and enhance your Paid marketing skills to master Facebook Ads.

Running Numerous Ads with Limited Budget:

Evaluating the number of Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads is also an integral part of effective Facebook marketing. Still, many Facebook marketers run numerous Ads under a limited budget. Running multiple ads (more than required) will restrict your Ads’ reach to a restricted audience. Further, the budget will get exhausted soon.

Hence you should test and try different campaigns with different budgets. However, you should still restrict to a few Campaigns to ensure the campaigns have enough to spend to generate qualified leads/traffic.

What if you aren’t capable of customizing your Facebook ads and get the expected results? No Worries! The best solution to this query is hiring a result-driven Facebook ads agency that can hold your Facebook Ads and alter/create them for increased ROI.

If you aren’t proficient in handling your paid FB campaigns, let third party agencies do it for you at an affordable price.

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