Common SEO Mistakes That Can Make Your Website ‘DEAD’

seo mistakesEffective Search Engine Optimization definitely helps in finding your website. While there are certain guidelines, if followed can help your website rank high among the top websites in the search engine and also gives an outstanding rank ahead of all your competitors. On the other hand, there are certain mistakes which can kill your website, hence leading to the path of failure. Since SEO is a long term process, so any mistake if made may take months to reverse and get back your SEO back on the right track. So, SE Optimizers should be alert enough before committing these mistakes.

Here are some of the silly seo mistakes you must circumvent in order to prevent your SEO campaign from being executed.

SEO Mistake #1 Aiming Keywords based on Search Volume

This is the most common mistake a SE Optimizer can easily make. When choosing keywords which suits best for your website’s content, it is important to remember that search volume is alone not the most important thing you should always think of. Other factors also need to be taken care of before targeting your keywords such as keywords must be relative to the content. Secondly, the intention of the visitors must be taken care of.

SEO Mistake #2 Fails in understanding the SEO guidelines properly

This mistake is often committed by amateurs who want to think something creative and in order to think something out of the box, they mostly turns up with ideas which violates the guidelines offered by most of the search engines. Therefore, it is essential to know that violating the guidelines might results your website being banned from a search engine.

SEO Mistake #3 Focusing mainly on quantity over quality in link building

Links are just like the bread and butter of SEO, but having more and more links would not help you much if they aren’t good quality. While the Google Penguin update which was unleashed on April mainly encourages websites with clean and natural links and therefore it has become more important than ever. So, it is highly recommendable for the se optimizers to stay away from unrelated sites, link exchanges and other low-quality sources and should focus on building quality links from related sources. It is better to be alert while exchanging links as link exchanges with banned websites is definitely frowned upon. It is more valuable to get twenty great links in the long run rather than making hundred spammy links which would definitely get your site in snagging condition.

SEO Mistake #4 Creating Web Page without a Title

Title reflects the content of a webpage. A webpage lacking a title is just like a body without a face. It makes your content unclear and hazy. Therefore, it is always advisable to add proper titles to your content as it is definitely beneficial for your search engine optimization.

SEO Mistake #5 Using Duplicate Content or Poorly Written Content

Many SEO companies offer a large number of articles on various topics which have been copied from other sources. This can have a serious effect on your website. Readers as well as search engines do encourage fresh and unique content. Search engines also doesn’t like content with keyword stuffed in it. So, it must be kept in mind while writing. Many of the search engines take serious actions against such sites, which provides poorly written content and also not well-optimized at the same time.

SEO Mistake #6 Using too many Images and Flash Animations

This is true that images and animation do make your website look catchy to the eyes of visitors. However, using splash pages with flash animations and big size images would increase the load time of your site, resulting in the evasion of all your visitors and increasing the page load time. So, it is always better to use relevant images and flash animation that describe the content without much overdoing it.

SEO Mistake #7 Unsuccessful in updating your Social Media sites with Innovative Posts

With the evolution of social networking sites, it has gained a lot of importance among people and also in the eyes of search engines. Creating unique content is the foremost step you need to promote in your social media sites. As social media marketing is a great way to interact with your visitors, so make sure that every time you are updating your profile, you start it with fresh and exclusive post.

SEO Mistake #8 Making Use of Page Cloaking

This is a frequent tactic which is often being used by optimizers. It is meant to separate the pages which people will see and which will be crawled by spiders. However, we must avoid in making use of Page Cloaking as it can be one of the reason which can kill your website. A common practice of many is to cloak pages which are rich in keywords to attract search engines spiders while it is being hidden from visitors. However, it must be keep in mind that search engine spiders would want to index and reference the same pages which web users can see. But if cloaking is detected, then your website may have a chance of being banned altogether.

SEO Mistake #9 Lacks in Updating Data

Creating a Website is not the final thing, when it comes to search engine optimization. If the content used in your website is not updated, then it won’t help you much in getting a higher rank on search engine. Staying up to date on the content is certainly imperative to give your site an advantage over others.

SEO Mistake #10 Abortive of Using CSS

CSS is a tool which helps you to reduce the size of your pages, thus reducing the time it normally takes to load. However, it helps you to concentrate on the text which search engine spiders normally feeds on. Therefore, CSS definitely plays a vital role for your website and should not be unnoticed in the optimization process, as it enhances the visibility of your web pages.

Thus, if you have been commending any of the above mistakes and were just naive about the impact that you had on your website. Going through this post would surely help you a lot in implementing the required changes and correcting your website as needed through the search engine optimization process and it would also definitely help to make your website visitor-friendly and search-engine friendly at the same time.


Guest Author: Aditi Datta is a well known social media strategist who sets goal, future online promotion strategy for a leading SEO company in India. She is also experienced in reverse SEO management for popular brands.
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