Creating Blog Post With Google Trends, Yahoo Answers, And Quora

blogging tipsAnyone who blogs usually does so to communicate. If you blog, you probably spend quite a bit of time preparing your post. You also may move into guest posting. Some bloggers even write ebooks. All of this is in an effort to increase visitor traffic to your blog site. The way you craft your content will determine the success of your site, and can increase traffic. Here are some pointers for how to use Google Trends, Yahoo Answers, and Quora to create intriguing, original blog posts.


The first way to make your blog available to searchers is to make sure they can find it. Most people will have a personal interest in your blog, and go directly there for your entries. However, for strangers to find your blog, you’ll need keywords that will funnel them in your direction. Google Trends does that. It’s a facility on Google that will tell you the frequency with which certain terms, or keywords, are entered into the search field. By staying on top of the most frequently used terms, you can keep your blog on the top of the search list, meaning that it’s on the first page of Google for your subject.

Communicate With Others

With Yahoo Answers, you can make acquaintances with other people who are interested in the same things you are. People post questions concerning whichever topic in which they are interested, and you can be available to answer. This also allows you to provide them with a link to your blog, and increases your traffic. In addition, you can ask questions, and create networks that way.

Another way to find people who are interested in your field is through Quora. This is another question/answer forum. It allows the users to collaborate on answers, editing each other’s work and answers. It is in competition with Reddit and some other social networking sites.

Combine Services

To make the most of these services, you start with Google Trends. Type in the search criteria, and you’ll find the interest in that particular term. You’ll also see the regions in which the term is the most popular. You’ll also see related terms, which is key to your search. You’ll also see the percentage with which each of these terms is growing in interest.

This will give you access to an increased market, because you can copy the keywords and paste them into the search fields on Yahoo Answers and Quora. This will show you questions people have asked about that term. You can answer the questions, which will build your credibility with the demographics on that site. In addition, you’ll get great ideas for blog entries. You can provide links to the person asking the questions, so that they can get more details on the topic. Use the search term as the title to your blog, or in the title, so that when people type in that term, your blog comes up as a potential resolution.


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