Driving Fan Engagement Using Facebook Ads

Facebook add friendFacebook made history recently by reporting that it had close to one billion registered users, which is a milestone for a social networking website. Facebook created a social phenomenon that we’ll be talking about for a long time to come. It is a social network unlike any other, and you know how much time you spend browsing through your notifications and your friend’s profiles. With information about one billion users reposited, Facebook has been a main attraction for online advertisers and marketers.

For brands, it’s a totally different ball game. They need to reach out to their fans, give them what they want, and stay relevant in an ever changing universe. The most popular Facebook pages are the ones that are most interactive and make use of ads in a clever manner. The unique thing about the Facebook Ads is that it caters advertisements based on user interests and related information provided by its user base. Though enterprises may own accomplished brands, but it’s necessary for them to engage with fans and cater to their requirements and suggestions. Facebook serves this purpose well and also in the process helps enterprises attract new prospective customers.

Here’s what you should do when faced with the task of Facebook advertising.

Which ads work best for Facebook pages?

Facebook has a number of ad types for brands to choose from.

  • External URL Ads can be used when you want to send users to your official website.
  • Facebook Ads for Pages are traditional ads that you could use to send users to your page.
  • The Sponsored Page Post allows you to promote a status update, link or photo with your current fans or even beyond the current base.
  • Event Ads allow you to promote a particular event on Facebook to the right kind of people.
  •  Facebook Sponsored Stories help promote user activity on your page to their friends, thus giving you a chance of improving your fan base.

These are a few options that brands can make use of. Make sure you pick the right ones.

Great tips while creating Facebook Ads:

1. Use video content as much as possible. Facebook users can view a video clip straight from the ad or go to the page to find out more. This means there is maximum interaction and a lot of people are attracted to videos than just images.

   2. Advertise particular products through your ads to attract a wider customer base. If your brand has a wide range of products/services, then design ads that concentrate on a particular product/service. This widens your scope as an advertiser on Facebook.

   3. Interactive content is a must. The ‘plain Jane’ approach will not help you on Facebook. Your page Ads should be interactive, fun and quirky. Instructing users to post in a particular manner will help make your ads more than just boxes on the social networking site.

Using EdgeRank Checker:

Facebook has an algorithm (known as EdgeRank) that detects which posts are most interesting and should appear in your News Feed. For a brand, your posts need to be performing well or hardly any users will get to see them. With the use of EdgeRank Checker, brands can understand how well their content is doing and ways to improve their Facebook presence. If you have a page, then this is one tool you should keep a close tab on.

According to data released on the Web, the average Facebook brand post manages to reach only about 17% of its fan base. The only way you can improve this is by designing interesting ads and promoting them in the right manner.

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