Evaluating ‘EyeEm App’ for iPhone

iPhone appThe Apple Store is a storehouse of apps to gratify the entertainment, education and information needs of Apple users. If you own an Apple device, you will be amazed to find the variety of apps in various genres that cater to your needs. One such app that caught our attention is the ‘EyeEm’ app.

How this app came into being?

In the words of Plato, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. This holds good for the creation and perhaps the introduction of the ‘EyeEm’ app. The way how this app came into being is a rather interesting story. It so happened that a gentleman known by the name Florian Meissner misplaced his digital camera while he was in New York. This photographer by profession had to borrow and use one of his friend’s iPhone to take pictures. This opened the doors of opportunity for him to discover how many people across the world are sharing their photo shots in the online space. And here came the idea and inspiration to introduce an app to connect people beyond the boundaries of networking websites with images.

A new app is launched

It is believed that Florian Meissner is one of the cofounders of the company that launched the ‘EyeEm’ app. The company was launched in January 2010. Initially the app was known as ‘EYE’EM’ app. It was later renamed as ‘EyeEm’. It was launched first for the iOS platform and then it was introduced as an Android app. Having launched this app it managed to gain more than 5,000 users from about 79 nations across the world. As of December 2011 users of this app managed to create about 35,000 unique location tags and register more than 15,000 events.

What you can do with ‘EyeEm’ app

The photography possibilities with the ‘EyeEm’ app on your Apple device are endless. This app apart from just letting you take amazing pictures allows you to edit, share, tag and add locations to them effortlessly. Once you come across anything that you think can make a good picture, go ahead, pull out your Apple device and capture it. Having saved it on your device, all it takes is just a few swipes to edit it.

Edit this image and apply the required filter of your choice. This app is user friendly as all it takes is a few swipes to give the image a complete makeover. Unlike other apps where you will have to go through complicated menus and endless options to edit images, using ‘EyeEm’ is a lot easier. This app also lets you add a text, location or a description to the image in just a few seconds. Once your image is ready, show it off to the rest of the world on ‘EyeEm’ community. At the bottom of this app you will find icons that allow you to share your images on Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare.

You can download ‘EyeEm’ app for free on your Apple device and begin exploring an easy way of letting the world know what you are doing through images.

Image Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net

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