Facebook and Bing’s Relationship: What Does It Mean to Google?

Facebook and Bing partnershipNo doubt, Google has been considered the most useful and prominent search engine being ever used, however, rapid announcements of Facebook related to its search feature, and its mutual partnership with Bing have been confusing it a lot. Many experts discuss that Bing has been providing search results to the Facebook users for last few years, and nothing new is actually developed recently. On the other hand, Google is worrying because it thinks that Bing is actually trying to compete with them by collaborating with Facebook. Today, we will discuss all about the situation where Facebook and Bing are united against Google:

Does Google Care?

Bing logo has been evident in Facebook since June 2010. More announcements and improvements took place in October 2010 with respect to the same concern. The purpose of mentioning this is to provide justifications to Google that they are actually presuming wrong. They think that Bing will create problems and take competitive edge in future based on its merger with Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has already announced that no search criteria whether it belongs to Facebook or Bing can compete with Google in any case. This is because Google is providing infinite and efficient services to the users, which none of other search engines are capable to provide in any sense.

Graphs Search Idea by Bing:

Graph search is an actual production of Facebook not of Bing or any other search engine. Purpose of this search is just to have a look or find out necessary matters under Facebook domains. However, Bing is also going to introduce same search option for the users by collaborating with Facebook. This is the major concern of Google these days. Bing is the search engine like Google but Facebook is only social networking platform. Therefore, if someone makes any online query, then his query will be indexed and searched by Bing just like Google. This will surely give hard time to Google, as it is only working as a search engine and is standing alone to face both Bing and Facebook.

Nice Idea but Google is “Unbeatable”:

One must keep in mind that Bing has done nothing recently and they had collaborated with Facebook few years back. They did not introduce anything new. Their new search option of graph search is already introduced by Facebook long ago. This is the only thing, which forces almost everyone to think that Bing and Facebook are both trying to get Google down but this is not going to happen at least in next two or three years because of the immense users’ interest and demands for Google.

Final Words:

In support of the argument that Google don’t need to worry about Facebook and Bing’s collaboration, we can discuss many things, but we mentioned the most important ones here to let the users know what Google see regarding these two partners, and how can these two potentially affect Google in terms of search, communication, and indexing.


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