Facebook Failures Anger Users and Investors [Infographic]

Facebook privacy failuresDo you have a love hate relationship with Facebook? You aren’t alone. Whether you find that your privacy settings have been unexpectedly changed or whether you are irritated with a new interface, you are among the masses who have joined the craze to connect but found that it’s tough to disconnect. Just try to delete your account.

There are many impositions that the site has made in recent years. User dissatisfaction reflects the frustration. The site scored 61 out of 100 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, ranking in the bottom five of 230 companies ranked. Privacy concerns are the biggest issue, followed by frustration with changes in the site and excessive advertising. Advertising strategies have been poor efforts to monetize the site. The company’s move into public trading saw a $20 per share drop over a four month period. The site’s timeline irked many users as it became mandatory. Various changes in privacy settings have angered users as their information was exposed to the public.

Source: Facebook #PrivacyFail

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