Facebook Vs Pinterest: 5 Things We’ve Learned [Infographic]

Facebook vs Pinterest

Boticca is an e-commerce platform who display and help sell the wears of international jewelry design trail blazers. It’s no surprise that these leaders of internet trade have slipped easily into the sphere of social media and continue to provide their designers with a well cultivated online stage on which to dance.

After a short period of mastering the art of social media Boticca.com were able to collate data about their customers and decided to share with us their thought-provoking findings.

They focused their energies on the social platforms Pinterest and Facebook, both of which are really useful in terms of sharing ideas, getting their designers noticed and entrenching the brand in the minds of their consumers.

Boticca then took a sample calendar month, 15th of March until the 15th of April 2012 and a sample of social users, 50,000 from Facebook and 50,000 from Pinterest and pit them head to head in terms of consumer trends.

Here’s some of the eye opening information they had to share:

Pinterest users spend loads more than those on Facebook.

Pinterest seems to make people more likely to buy.

The rate of new users joining Pinterest is rising much quicker than the users joining over on Facebook.

Facebook users spend more time on the site, perhaps window shopping?

Facebook is the winner when it comes to conversions.

This infographic was created and brought to you by Boticca.com.

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