Facebook vs Television: Which is Worse? [Infographic]

Before the Internet was as popular as it is today, the television was universally viewed as a medium for wasting time and rotting one’s brain. The Internet, however, has caused many people to spend less time in front of their televisions and more time at their computers. Lately, many have questioned if Facebook might be worse than television.

Facebook, however, has some real merits. The fundamental activity of Facebook is communication, and people use it to share information with their friends and family members. In addition, Facebook enables people to remain in touch with people they may have otherwise lost contact with.

Television, however, does have some redeeming values as well. Educational television is still popular, and its visual format can make it a valuable tool for learning. In addition, television shown often focus on artistic and even literary elements. While photos on Facebook can achieve this same effect, it is not regarded as the same artistic medium that television is.

Image compliments of Best Masters in Psychology.

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