Facebook’s Graph Search: Does It Matter to Us?

Facebook’s Graph Search

Facebook introduced Graph Search to enable its users to view all shared content including images, tags, videos, comments, and much more. Graph feature produces all results, which are relevant to keywords or respective inputs given by users. Today, we will see how this tool can benefit us or does it really matter to us:

Future of Search:

This awesome search tool is said to be the future of search. It provides users with the most accurate and precise results, and due to this capability, many users have started comparing it with Google. They say that this tool produces exact results, which a user could actually demand for, but still nobody can claim it better than Google. This may be because of the fact that Google searches content worldwide, whereas this tool is limited to Facebook searches only.

Getting Personal:

Actually, Google and other search engines have been striving at their maximum to provide almost everything to their valuable users for many years. This Facebook tool has also provided users with personalized searches. Facebook search tool focuses to facilitate the users with all the details including their status, movements, their likes, dislikes, views, where they go, discussions, opinions, and much more. In short, tool is getting more personal day by day.

Data-Driven Suggestions:

The most amazing feature, which this Facebook search is providing to the users, is that when someone types any keyword suppose Music Maya likes, it will provide him all the results including Music stuff being liked by Maya, Music places Maya likes, Music Bands Maya likes, All unprofessional songs Maya likes, and much more.

How to Control Over All Searches?

Facebook is trying its level best to secure its users in all activities but still it needs a lot of improvements. This includes hiding locations, hiding texts, comments, likes, status updates, photo comments, photo suggestions, friends’ activities, friend requests, wall messages, photos, images, and much more. For overcoming these issues in graph search, one needs to set his privacy settings as per one’s needs. You can set it to customized mode in order to secure your data. However, do not forget that cover photos will always remain public, which is a biggest drawback of Facebook. Same privacy method is true for tagging as well because Facebook at least has managed to provide tagging permission option, which asks you first then tags you and keeps you at a bay from irrelevant content.

Final Words:

Graph search of Facebook is surely influencing users’ lives because users love searching their loved ones along with their shared content and activities in restricted or defined domains. Moreover, they also need to keep themselves private in certain areas, which are still not provided to them perfectly. Therefore, many benefits along with flaws are the part of initial beta release of Facebook graph search tool.


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